Rosie O’Donnell Has Signed On To Return To ‘The View’


Last last month we learned the surprising news that The View decided to fire Jenny McCarthy and Sherri Shepard as co-hosts of the long-running daytime talk show, seemingly out of the blue. Sherri had been an co-host for 7 years, Jenny for just 1. Since news of the pair’s firings, there have been rumors that the show was in active negotiations to bring former co-host Rosie O’Donnell back to The View. Altho ABC has yet to formally announce the news, TMZ is reporting that Rosie has, indeed, signed on to return to The View.

Rosie O’Donnell has made her deal with “The View” … sources connected with the negotiations tell TMZ. We’re told the show will make the announcement shortly. TMZ broke the story … the negotiations fired up a few days ago and the deal was almost completed by end of business day Monday. The deal is now complete. Rosie will join Whoopi Goldberg on the show. As we reported, producers are also looking for a Latina and a conservative. Two conservative candidates who are being scoped are Abby Huntsman and Margaret Hoover.

Personally, I don’t watch The View so I can’t really comment about my feelings about Rosie’s return. From what I gathered from her time on the show, she was a very popular co-host on the show and the ratings for The View reflected that fact. It sounds like producers are hoping to revive the popularity of the show by bringing back a familiar face. I like Rosie. I like that she speaks her mind and, generally, has interesting things to say. We’ll have to wait and see if her return will save The View from floundering but I wish her all the luck in the world. My guess is that she is getting a fat paycheck to return, so, Mazel on that!


  • catbatbom

    I’d love Rosie Perez as the latina!

  • swile71

    I have always enjoyed Rosie so I am happy to hear she will be back on TV :-)

  • Alecia

    I liked Rosie when she was doing her own talk show but now she comes across as too bitter and abrasive. If she’s able to be more like she was in the late 90s, I’d be fine but if she’s 2006 Rosie, I’ll pass.

  • RonRontb22

    Love this idea!

  • Krissy

    Sometimes she makes good points, but I also feel she can go off on tangents that are a little off base. If she is representing the “left”, and if they are looking for a latina from the “right” as a counter to that….well, I just worry that she is being set up as a spokesperson for democrats and I think there are more qualified people to be that flag bearer.

  • Jstar

    They should just cancel the show, feels like beating a dead horse…kinda like American Idol. It has run its course….

  • Quinn

    Can’t wait. I loved her since I was a kid and would definitely be tuning in again. It would be interesting to see what happened after 7 years

  • schmee

    I wonder if this means Rosie will be the moderator again and Whoopi will move over to argue the “left”?

  • Nathan

    I’d be interested to see how the show goes with Whoopi moderating Rosie…