Watch: ‘Horrible Bosses 2′ Releases A First Video Teaser


Back in 2011, the world was gifted with a little movie titled Horrible Bosses that, I have to admit, was pretty funny. Because we have been good little boys and girls, we learn today that a sequel film is headed our way later this year. A short but fairly hilarious teaser video has been released for Horrible Bosses 2 that I think will satisfy fans of the original movie. You want poop jokes? This teaser’s got you covered. Horrible Bosses 2 will hit theaters on November 26, just in time for the holidays … as the gods intended. Please enjoy.

  • Paul

    The super slow mo walk was funny, but it’s a routine that does not further the plot but instead makes fun of other movies. That sort of thing is the kiss of death to most movies that are not actually intended to parody other movies.

  • t*

    i will check it out!!

  • Sensitive Psychopath

    I loved the first one (saw it twice in one day even!) and have been waiting for the second one but this trailer… As Paul said, the slow mo walk was funny but that was about it. It doesn’t make me hungry for more so to speak.

  • Cary Chauvet

    OMG this was too funny! Aniston had be ROTFL “You can do that on me … And…???” GOTTA see this movie!

  • Cary Chauvet

    Check out the naked guy at 7:22 minutes:

  • Cary Chauvet
  • Courtney Bryant

    Chris Pine?! I’m in.