Kelly Osbourne Shows Off Her New Head Tattoo In Public


Earlier this week we learned from Kelly Osbourne herself that she went and got a tattoo inked onto her head. Today we get to see Kelly and Kelly’s new head tattoo out and about in public. Osbourne was spotted making her way thru Heathrow International Airport yesterday on her way to the US (I’m guessing) and as you can see below, her new tattoo was proudly on display. Have a look.

I mean, I am never one to criticize anyone’s tattoo choices. It matters not what anyone things of anyone else’s body art. I, personally, don’t think I’d ever tattoo my head but if this is the look that Kelly wants to go for, then I’m all for it. She’s deffo got a whole look going on with the shaved purple hair and matching lipstick. Fashion is fearless sometimes so, yeah Kelly, do your thing. You rock that head tattoo like nobody’s business.

[Photo credit: AKM-GSI]