First Look: This Is What Superman Will Look Like In ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice’


Earlier this week we got our first look at actor Henry Cavill in character as Clark Kent as he will appear in the upcoming superhero film Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. As you may recall, Henry Cavill as Clark Kent looks exactly like Henry Cavill as Henry Cavill in a suit, so, it’s not all that exciting. Today we get our first OFFICIAL look at Cavill in character as Superman and as you can see below, he doesn’t look all that different than he did in 2013’s Man of Steel … tho, he does look a lot sadder in this new photo.

First look at Henry Cavill as #Superman in #BatmanvSuperman.

HMMM. Sad. So much sad. Granted, Superman’s sadness in this photo doesn’t look nearly as sad as Batman’s sadness in his first photo but … I’m getting the impression that there will be a lot of sadness in Batman V Superman. All that sad rain falling all around Superman doesn’t really brighten the mood much, either. I’m curious to see what the other characters in Dawn of Justice will look like, especially Wonder Woman … I’m dying to know if any of them will deign to crack a smile when their first look promo photos are released.


  • Sam

    This movie is so interesting to watch evolve…everyday some news comes from it that makes me shudder in a bad way. I still hope it can pull it of, although I didn’t care for Man of Steel too much.

  • Chuck

    Perhaps Supes is sad that Batman took over his movie!!

  • fab4runner

    Sigh. He is perfection.