First Listen: Ariana Grande & Zedd Release Their New Song ‘Break Free’


Last night on her special edition of TRL on MTV last night, Ariana Grande debuted a new song that she recorded with Zedd titled Break Free. The song will be included on her new album, My Everything, which is due out in August. Ariana revealed that she will be performing the song LIVE on the MTV Video Music Awards on the day before her album drops … but we don’t have to wait that long to hear it. Click below to get your first listen of Ariana and Zedd’s hot new song Break Free.

This song is, like, a perfect mix of an Ariana Grande song and a Zedd song. I’m not the biggest Zedd fan but I do like this collab with Ariana. I’ve been waiting for Ariana to bust out a big ol’ club banger and while Problem is a big hit for her, it’s not clubby enough for me (and the saxophone sample does wear a bit thin after repeated listens). I like Break Free and I can hear how it can be remixed to be an even bigger club hit. If this is what we have to look forward to from Ariana’s new album, I’m ALL for it! What do y’all think? Do you like?


  • JP

    yass ma’am.

  • Matthew

    Well, she is certainly making a concerted effort to leave the Mariah blueprint behind and do her own thing. Unfortunately it seems to be EDM/dance/club music.

    I think this will be a hugely successful move for her because this type of sound is in right now. Not of a fan of it, but it will sell. I applaud her for being willing to take her sound there, and I applaud Mimi for refusing to take her sound there. Which sounds weird, but it’s true.