Listen: Britney Spears’s Lead Vocal Track For ‘Alien’ Leaks To The Internets


The isolated audio track of Britney Spears’s song Alien has leaked its way to the Internets which gives us an interesting take on the song in its more raw form. It’s hard to tell but this vocal still sounds like it was processed a bit in the sound mixing board but, for the most part, it gives us our clearest listen yet of Britney’s vocals in the studio. It’s a shame that the promotion of Britney’s album Britney Jean just completely disappeared once her Las Vegas residency started at the end of last year because Alien could’ve been a big hit had it been better produced and promoted.

Isolated vocal tracks aren’t always pretty but I like this one. There’s a simplicity that we hear that is totally stomped over in the final album mix. Ah, what could’ve been.


  • Britney’sBitch

    A masterpiece tbh

    So simple yet so amazing. I hate you will.I.ass

  • Count


  • Quasar

    This is definitely just the isolation from the album version of the track. You can hear it in the autotune edits that were made after the “demo” leak.