Diplo Confirms That He Wrote A Song With Madonna Titled ‘Bitch, I’m Madonna’


Back in May we learned that Madonna collaborated with Diplo in the studio on songs for her upcoming new album and today we learn a bit more about those songs from Diplo himself. In an interview with Heloisa Tolipan, Diplo reveals that he wrote 7 songs with Madonna … and one of those 7 songs is titled Bitch, I’m Madonna! LOL! Read on to see exactly what Diplo had to say about working with Madonna cuz, you know you want to know what it’s like to work with Madonna.

I met Madonna because of her kids and then she invited me to a party. We ended up writing seven songs together. I do not usually feel pressured to write hits, but when it’s an artist of this caliber, it’s obvious that I want to push the boundaries a little bit further and surpass myself. One of the songs we wrote is very cool and is called “Bitch, I’m Madonna”.

Diplo’s interview can be read HERE but the whole thing is in Portuguese. The translation quoted above comes courtesy of Madonnarama. I have a feeling that Madonna’s new album is going to be totally amazing. I am dying to hear what a song titled Bitch, I’m Madonna! sounds like. Diplo is a great producer so, yeah, I have high hopes that the songs he wrote with Madonna are going to be bangers. I have a feeling that Bitch, I’m Madonna! wants to be the new It’s Britney, Bitch! It’s so cute that Madge wants to be like Brit :)

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  • Monicaaa

    “Bitch, I’m Madonna” will now enter the Catch Phrase Hall of Fame along with “It’s Britney, Bitch.” LOVE!

    The mash-up possibilities will be endless!