YOU Are The New Blog: When Too Much Plastic Surgery Leaves A Celebrity Unrecognizable


First of all, let me just say that I am SO obsessed with YATNB! I was writing Trent on Facebook today about it, because I cannot get over some of the comments from last week—you all had sooo many great stories about celebrities you’ve met (and how the experience either sucked or rocked), and I’ve just been having a blast reading about your FABULOUS lives. I feel like it also needs to be said that PITNBrs have some of the most bomb ass grammar on the interwebs. So, props to y’all. All day, every day. Today’s topic was partly inspired by an article I’m reading on The Hollywood Reporter: Plastic Surgery Suicide Puts Spotlight on Beverly Hills Patients’ Desperation, Lies and Mental States (I recommend reading it when you get a chance), so click inside for more!

So here’s the deal. Some of my favorite celebs have def had work done, and sometimes—IMO—it gets to be a bit much. The first person who comes to mind is my girl Lil’ Kim. I mean…… yeah. The article I’m reading addresses (among many other things) the link between plastic surgery and depression, and also trends in plastic surgery across cultures. I remember in an interview aaaggggesss ago Kim talked about not feeling pretty when she was growing up, and wishing she looked more like the girls who got attention from guys. I think about that when I see how far she went for her look.

I mean. Dude:


In Hollywood “it’s different.” Plastic surgery for many people is as much a fact of life as eyeliner. We all, in some way or another, alter our natural-born looks to fit an ideal (ours or someone else’s, or a mixture of both), but there are celebs who have become practically unrecognizable and sometimes it’s jolting… sometimes it’s just sad.

Today’s YATNB Topic:

How do you feel when one of your favorite celebrities suddenly looks… visibly different? If you know a celebrity has had work done, does that put you off a bit?

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  • Lulu

    Rose Mcgowan? Although she claims it was reconstructive after a car accident. Not sure I buy it, but she was once so stunning, and one of my favs.

    Rupert Everett.

    • Lulu

      Oh, can’t forget Nikki Cox either…

  • Ashen

    Honestly, I can’t even imagine having all that pressure just multiply and exacerbate your insecurities. It doesn’t put me off at all however, I do feel that, in a way, their art begins to suffer greatly. There are few celebs (Joan Rivers, Cher, Kathy Griffin) whose art doesn’t seem to have been affected. I can’t remember the last Lil Kim song that I enjoyed since she started her surgeries and I used to be such a huge fan.

  • Caitlin

    I had a ‘cosmetic procedure’ done when I was 4. I had really bad dumbo ears so I had them pinned back and I am so glad my parents did that for me when I was young. Because they did I’ve never thought I looked weird or had an issue with my looks (other than normal bad days) and wouldn’t want to change anything about myself but I can only imagine what it would be like growing up insecure and made fun of. It has to be pretty horrible to not feel comfortable in your own skin. I think cosmetic enhancements/procedures can be great self esteem boosters, and a lot of them have medical benefits. However, I do think it’s sad when people take it too far and start looking like someone/something else. I can’t help but look at people who have had too much work done (celebrity or otherwise) with a touch of regret. It makes me think more about how they used to look rather than make me forget. I really wish those people could find happiness and comfort within themselves without feeling like they need to change.

  • Mela

    I feel like perhaps Meg Ryan let things get out of hand. However while I find it a bit distracting it is still their face. I can’t bring myself to judge because nobody has felt pressure about appearances more than a celeb.

  • shannon from MN

    I just wish celebrities would be honest about having cosmetic procedures done. No one is going to be angry if Nicole Kidman admits she’s had Botox injections. Likewise, I think people would be happy to hear Lindsay Lohan fess up about the work she’s had done. Joan Rivers, Kathy Griffen, Cher, and Dolly Parton have endured because not only do they admit to having had several procedures done, they joke about it! Dolly herself even said, “It costs a lot to look this cheap!”

  • MJ

    I’m not sure why Lil Kim chose to look like an Asian member of the Jackson family?
    Maybe because I’ve been watching Friends DVDs, but the one that saddens me the most is Courtney Cox. She now looks so weird. I mean, I get having the means and wanting to retain some of your “youthfulness” but come on… there is a limit. Everyone else on that show has aged and looks it, and that’s ok. She just looks like a plastic Monica Geller. :/

    • Nicole O’Brien

      Yes!! Courtney Cox was so beautiful before the surgery. Wish she would have left her face alone. :(

  • kat:)

    I agree with @shannon from MN. I wish they would just fess up- it would make everyone feel better. And it’s always sad when they take it too far- Lil Kim for sure, how about Michael Jackson? And the Jenner dude (cannot remember his name). Its one thing to just enhance an area to feel better or younger, but when you’re completely changing your look or changing to not even look human? That’s illness

  • Joey

    I agree with MJ, Courtney Cox just doesn’t look like herself anymore. J. Aniston however continues to look like a flawless age defying vampiress.

    • Karen

      The thing is, Aniston can’t remain a “flawless age defying vampiress” forever. She’s only done that so far through various injections that have gone well. She’s also several years younger than Courtney Cox.

      So either she (and everyone else) is going to have to accept that her face will change and she will begin to look significantly older, or she will have to have more procedures. At some point, the procedures will not be able to make her look as young as they do now; they will simply make her look weird, the way Courtney does.

      That’s just the reality. Female celebrities cannot win. Either they look old, which means hideous and deserving of ridicule, or they look plastic or strange and deserving of ridicule. I wish women’s age would stop being a source of shame for them, even though I understand why it is.

      It’s difficult for me even to look at Courtney Cox at this point. I think I’m overly sensitive to the whole uncanny valley thing. Even when celebs have “good” cosmetic procedures, I almost always can see it and it makes me uncomfortable to look at.

  • helen

    I agree, Courtney Cox just had SUCH a beautiful face, so did Meg Ryan and Lindsay, it’s so sad, now they all look as those clay characters on celebrity death match.
    If you ask me, everyone in Hollywood and their mothers should call Jane Fonda and ask for her surgeon’s number, that man should get an award or something, have you seen her face?!! Best. Work. EVER.

  • Nikky Rose