Paris Hilton Is Making 2 Music Videos Right Now


Remember last October when Paris Hilton released her single Good Time and, well, it didn’t really do anything at all? Well, today we learn that the very undaunted Hilton is readying the release of not one but TWO new singles … complete with music videos. Paris spent all day yesterday filming a music video for a song titled High Off My Love. Today, she is filming a music video for a song titled Come Alive. Does this mean that an actual full album of music is on the way? WE CAN ONLY DARE TO DREAM!

Up bright & early! On way to my #HighOffMyLove music video set! So excited! Can’t wait! / So much sexy leather on set of my new music video shoot… / Chilling in my trailer on set of my #HighOffMyLove music video shoot. What do you think of my look? / #PlatinumBlonde #HighOffMyLove / Just wrapped on set for my #HighOffMyLove music video! So happy with how it turned out! So sexy & fun! Can’t wait for you all to see it! / Just finished an amazing massage & bubble bath. Now time for bed. Have to wake up early to shoot my other music video for my song #ComeAlive / Thank you to my incredible team today! You all did an amazing job on my #HighOffMyLove music video! Thanks @HannahLuxDavis @RobinAntin @Sammyrexic @JudystyleXO @EtienneOrtega @ClydeHairGod & everyone on set! #Killedit! See you all on set tomorrow for #ComeAlive!

Altho Good Time was anything but, I’m still hopeful that Paris Hilton has the ability to put out fun music … I mean, right? She can afford to, right? I’m hopeful that the production of two music videos means that she has an album on the way. I’m also hopeful that the songs will be decent but … I guess that might be asking a bit much. Paris Hilton is releasing new music, y’all. What have we done for us to be so blessed as a people?

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  • Aly

    Haha to be honest, I actually like that song Stars are Blind. And I was shopping the other day in Target and that song came on, hadn’t heard it in years!

  • jaybee

    How is it that she looks the same as she did in 2006? Girl does not age.

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