Frances Bean Cobain Professes Her LURVE For Britney Spears On Twitter


Remember a couple of days ago when Frances Bean Cobain publicly chided Lana Del Rey for romanticizing death? Well, it would appear that Frances has something else to say about another pop artist that we know around these here parts. Completely unprompted, Frances posted a tweet on her official Twitter profile last night professing her love for our dear Britney Spears’s song Lucky, from her iconic sophomore album Oops! I Did It Again. While Frances loves Lucky, she also confessed to loving another of Britney’s albums most of all … and I know you’re DYING to know which one. Click below to read Frances’s Britney-loving tweet and stan out with me, won’t you?

People … FRANCES BEAN COBAIN IS “OBSESSED” WITH BLACKOUT! I may die … I may literally die of the amazingness of this stunning revelation. I mean, I knew I always liked Frances but this? THIS? She’s a Britney Spears fan … and a serious one, too? D.E.A.D.

I guess I always knew that Frances was a amazing young woman, I just didn’t know how amazing she truly is. Kurt Cobain’s daughter loves Britney Spears. Yeah, this is a world that I am happy to live in :D