‘Entertainment Weekly’ Releases A Set Of ‘Gotham’ Character Posters


Last week we got to see a neat villain-centric promo video for the forthcoming Batman prequel series Gotham which will debut on Fox this fall. Today, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly magazine, we get to see a just-released batch of character posters for the show. All of the main characters that we’ve seen before are represented, both good and bad. All in all, these character photos look great but we do learn that some liberty is being taken with the Batman canon. The young Poison Ivy character is named Ivy Pepper on this show when her name should be Pamela Isley. I suspect there will be other changes from the Batman canon but I’m all for it. A new version of Batman for a new series. Gotham will premiere on Fox later this year.


  • Paul

    After getting all those other bizarre character names correct and basing the storyline on non-so-easily identified pre-costumed era of Batman, to change Poison Ivy to Ivy Pepper seems very strange. My guess is that after she becomes a doctor, they wanted to call her … Dr. Pepper. Product placement, anyone?

    • @Paul — “Dr. Pepper. Product placement, anyone?” UGH!