You’ll Never Believe What Kanye West Is Doing For His Court-Ordered Community Service


It’s like, you don’t really want to believe that celebrities get special treatment from the courts, but… celebrities clearly get special treatment from the courts. As most of you probably remember, Kanye West went HAM on a paparazzi photographer a little while back and is now “paying for it”… if by “paying for it” I mean doing something he’d probably pay to do anyway… LMAO. This is such a hilarious story, I can’t even believe it’s real. Click inside for more!

Fashionista has the deets… because this is actually a fashion-related story:

Kanye West got a pretty sweet deal for attacking a paparazzo last July. He took a plea, agreeing to attend anger management therapy and complete 250 hours of community service. While most of us envision court-ordered community service as picking up trash on the side of a road or serving food at a soup kitchen — both tasks that involve wearing unflattering clothing — West got to do, well, pretty much his favorite thing ever: Talk about fashion.

For the past six weeks, according to TMZ, West has been paying visits to L.A. Trade Technical College, a community college in Los Angeles that focuses on fashion design. He’s been regaling students with stories of his own trials and tribulations in the fashion industry. On Monday, he spoke for three hours about designers, says TMZ’s source. This apparently really does count as a non-traditional form of community service. (A rep for LATTC did not immediately respond to our request to confirm the talks.)

Celebrities! They’re just like us other celebrities.

The only thing I like about this story is the part where a bunch of students at L.A. Trade Technical College are having the greatest six weeks ever.



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    So he’s just talking about himself #worldrevolvesaroundKanye