Watch: HBO Releases A Trailer For Its New Limited Series ‘Beyoncé: X10′


This summer, HBO will air a 10-part limited series titled Beyoncé: X10 – The Mrs. Carter Show World that will give us performances from Bey’s hugely successful Mrs. Carter Show World Tour. As I understand it, each episode will feature concert footage from the tour and each week will feature a full 5 minute song performance. My guess is that this HBO footage will eventually be released on DVD. If you were lookin’ for a way to spent time with Beyoncé on a weekly basis this summer, then this limited series is for you. Click the embed above to watch the trailer for Beyoncé: X10 and start making plans to spend part of your Sunday nights with Beyoncé. Beyoncé: X10 premieres on HBO on Sunday June 29 at 8:55PM ET/PT.

  • TheFabFour

    I’m not a huge enough Beyonce fan to be checking this out on HBO every week, but my gaaad! What a brilliant idea! I would love some insight into my favourite artists’ tour lives every week.
    But just to clarify, is it just a 5 minute video being released every week? Or a full episode of backstage/rehearsal footage with a performance each week?

    • @TheFabFour — I believe it’s just a 5 min performance weekly of a different song, leading into new eps of True Blood.

  • kimmiejayne

    I’m so tired of her. Can we rename her Be-Gone-cé?

  • helen

    Hey Ambular – err, I mean, Beyonce, was that you going through Britney’s Laundry??

    Toxic Video, anyone?

  • Josh

    ??? So Not impressed…at all.
    Is this the “new “new” marketing”??
    It’s like stretching the food into smaller packages U see at the Deli stores nowadays…very “the times we’re living in”, but so overrated I must say. Yup. No fun.