Frances Bean Cobain Responds To Lana Del Rey’s Recent Comments About Death


First, Lana Del Rey gave an interview where she said that she “wished she was dead”. Then, LDR refuted that she said that she “wished she was dead”. Then, the interviewer released audio from Lana’s interview that proved that she said she “wished she was dead”. Today we learn that Frances Bean Cobain, the only child of Courtney Love and the late Kurt Cobain, has chimed in on LDR’s death wish comments with a perspective and opinion of her own. Frances posted a series of tweets on her official Twitter profile advising Lana Del Rey and others to stop romanticizing death. “Embrace life”, Frances says.

The death of young musicians isn’t something to romanticise. I’ll never know my father because he died young and it becomes a desirable feat because people like you think it’s ‘cool’. Well, it’s fucking not. Embrace life, because you only get one life. / I’m not attacking anyone. I have no animosity towards Lana, I was just trying to put things in perspective from personal experience.

With all the back and forth about wishing for death, it’s clear that Frances was moved to offer her own opinion on the matter. Like anyone else, Frances reads things in “the news” and obviously feels compelled to offer her opinion … tho, she doesn’t do so often. The subject matter of death has likely had a huge impact on her whole life so, yeah, she had to say something. I have to agree with her. All of this morose “I wish I was dead” bullshizz is downright silly. It’s one thing to suffer from depression but to openly wish for death as a way to get attention is just dumb. EMBRACE LIFE! That is the best advice you’re going to get all day.


  • Iris B

    When I read this story, I had so much empathy for Frances. What a brilliant thing to say and she has a lot of my respect.

  • OG Emily

    Beautiful sentiment Frances. Embrace life indeed.
    Also, holy hell she’s gorgeous.

  • Brenna Fender

    Frances is a smart young woman. I feel for her.

  • Paul

    Wait a minute! I thought Lana Del Rey was already dead. Of course I might have been fooled by her singing voice.