First Look: Robin Thicke Releases A SUPER Desperate Music Video For ‘Get Her Back’


LOL. SO, last week we learned that Robin Thicke named his new album Paula after his estranged wife Paula Patton in a desperate attempt to woo her back after the couple split earlier this year in the wake of cheating allegations. As you may recall, we also learned last week that many of the songs on Robin’s new album are songs that were written “in about a week” about his break-up with Paula. Today we get to see the just-released music video for his new single Get Her Back and, yes, it’s another sad attempt to try and get back in Paula’s good graces. You may recall that Thicke debuted this song at the Billboard Music Awards last month. This video is hard to watch if only because of how embarrassing it really is. Do try to not cringe yourself to death with second-hand embarrassment. Oy!

  • Sam


  • jojo

    What’s so embarrassing about this? Guy screwed up somehow and now he’s trying to get back with his wife – how is that embarrassing? This reminds me of when Marvin Gaye wrote a whole album about this divorce.

    • @jojo — Firstly, Paula has showed zero interest in entertaining Robin’s pleas. Because he is doing this publicly, it looks like he is using his break-up for publicity. To put the couple’s private text messages in a music video is beyond lame, beyond pathetic. He is making money off his alleged attempt to get his wife back, I mean … c’mon.

    • jojo

      ok, I’ll admit I don’t know anything about Mr. Thicke’s breakup and I didn’t know those were real text messages. That being said, aren’t artists suppose to use their own life in their art? It seems that the best artists often are the ones who do sing about their own screwed up lives and share their problems ( NiN, Kanye, Fiona). I would compare this to Justin Timberlake’s “cry me a river” song/video and pretty much all of Eminem’s songs about his own family problems ( do you think that Eminem is exploiting his daughter when he sings about her? ). I might somewhat agree that using someone’s text messages is a little sketchy but he didn’t use them to make her look bad, he used them to make himself look bad. If anything he’s accepting the blame.

    • @jojo — Long story short, Robin has had a long rumored history of cheating and it is believed that he finally got caught. Paula unconditionally threw him out and wants nothing to do with him. Since then, Robin has been begging to get her back in public. To me, it doesn’t seem genuine but he is obviously free to do what he likes. To me, it’s embarrassingly desperate to keep up this public begging but if other people see no problem with it, then what does it really matter?

    • Rizal86

      I agree that some artists can use their own lives as inspiration for their art — case in point with Adele (brilliant) and Sam Smith (compelling). But Adele and Sam Smith come off as very genuine. The music can be emotionally raw. For Robin Thicke, he comes off very disingenuous. It almost feels like he’s trying to shame her into getting back with him. Why all the public hoopla? For all the “go get her back… treat her right,” the public drama seems contradictory. It’s all words, but actions > words. And he should make those apologetic actions between Paula and himself.

  • nicole


  • supergirl

    Putting private text messages in a video for the world to see??!?! WTF?? That would put the final nail in the coffin. I would make sure i was official divorced pronto!

  • shannon from MN

    Man, if I was Paula, I would start getting a restraining order and petition the court for soul custody of the kids. Robin is veering into crazy stalker territory in his desperation.

  • Gina

    He’ll make millions on this album because so many people can relate. That’s super smart on his part. Pathetic not really. Embarassing not really. I’d still divorce him though and she better gets millions off this too. It’s probably all staged.

  • OG Emily

    Ok I refuse to watch – REFUSE! – so am I correct in reading that he published private texts?! Are you kidding?
    … Are we sure we’re not all getting punked or something? The man seriously has no handlers to tell him what a tremendous fail this is?

  • al

    Poor Robin Thicke, I guess this is what happens when an underrated performer gets a taste of the A-list life–they crash and burn FAST. Can’t he return to the long hair having, “when i get you a lone” bicycle riding singer?

  • Pedro Martinez

    If Paula doesn’t take him back Robin will drink himself to death.

  • jonie

    Where does it say those are private texts? Let’s not spread rumors. Anyway, I didn’t think it was embarrassing. It would have been a lot better without the blood or whatever on his face.

    • @jonie — Hahaha, are you serious? Even if the texts aren’t quoted verbatim, it’s clear that they are being used to tell the story of the couple’s marital discord. LOL. Also, I’m pretty certain these text are idiotically quoted verbatim.

  • Kendra

    I urge you all to read Melissa Beck’s breakdown of the video..She says it all..

    And, for the record, I ALWAYS thought he was skeezy..So glad my hating was justified..This is just ridiculous..

    • @Kendra — LOL. I did read her post, she always spills the DAMN UTTER TRUTH

    • Rizal86

      LOL! She hit it on the nail! Love her witty remarks.

      (By the way, any chance she can make a cameo on the PITNB? Fan of hers or years. Fan of PITNB for years. Don’t y’all rub elbows with her. I could have sworn you guys had intel on her 2nd baby haha.)

  • Alecia

    I don’t see how a half-naked model, faux blood and water relate to love and faithfulness in any situation. Call me old fashioned but that’s just me!

  • ella

    Aaaand the restraining order comes through in 5…4…..

  • Alicia A. Bentley

    after watching 18 seconds (yes, I held on that long!) I need to go take a shower and wash the skeeze……….

    • Alicia A. Bentley

      haha. Wash the skeeze off. In no way do I have Robin Thicke in my shower. ;)

  • Kiki1976

    The woman in the video has enough lip gloss on. It’s definitely poppin’.