Taylor Swift Has Adopted A Teeny Tiny, Entirely Adorable Kitten


Last month when Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez rekindled their friendship after it appeared that Selena was finished with Justin Bieber forever, it looked to me like the ladies would be enjoying a super fun BFF summer together this year. But now that we know that Selena is back with Justin (again!!!) and likely out of favor with Taylor, it looks like Ms. Swift will now be flying solo this summer … or will she. Taylor went and adopted an adorable kitten that she has named Olivia Benson and as you can see below, they are already the best of friends.

Meet Olivia Benson.

I mean … are you KIDDING me? This kitty is just the cutest thing ever! Those blue eyes? OMG. While I’m certain that Taylor is smarting AGAIN over being dumped by her alleged BFF Selena for The Biebs AGAIN, I have a feeling that little Miss Olivia Benson will do much to help Taylor get over her loss. Maybe, just maybe, Olivia Benson will be the first of a large collection of cats for Taylor Swift to obsess over. I mean, I can see Taylor growing into a crazy cat lady, can’t you? This is how it starts … one adorable kitten, leads to two adorable kittens, leads to a house full of cats. Whatever. I’m just looking forward to the cute Instagrams that Taylor will hopefully be sharing of Olivia Benson in the coming weeks. This is a kitten I’d love to see more of.


  • ClaireMichelle

    I am dyyyying over this kitty. It is the same type of cat as her other cat, Meredith, who is just one of the cutest cats out there. I’m sure Meredith will love having little Olivia added to the mix.

    P.S. I am obsessed with the fact that her cats are named Olivia Benson and Meredith Grey. The. Cutest.

  • Ama

    Aw, the kitten is adorable(Love the names she gives her cats too).

    That said, I think she bought the kitten(didn’t adopt it). The reason I say that is because I don’t think that breed is exactly common in shelters/rescues. I could be wrong though, maybe she knows of a good rescue that is dedicated to the breed and got it from there.

    Hopefully her other cat is prepared to share Taylor or welcome another cat into the home(I remember when I was a child we had an adult cat and bought two kittens, when we brought them home our adult cat would alternate between chasing/attacking the kittens and grooming them )

  • Kate

    She already shared a second photo -> http://instagram.com/p/pcYKGajvDq/

    So cute!

    • @Kate — OMG O_O

  • Lulu