Susan Sarandon Shares A NEW Selfie With Her ‘Thelma & Louise’ Co-Star Geena Davis


Back in 1991, Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis posed for a now very famous selfie photo in the movie Thelma & Louise. This week, Susan and Geena reunited and posed for a new selfie photo that show just how little they have changed since they snapped that first selfie over 20 years ago. I don’t know what these ladies do to keep from aging but DAMN, they look good. Have a look below and see how lovely Susan and Geena look today.

Selfie then. Selfie now. #ThelmaAndLouise

It’s insane to think that it’s been about 23 years since Thelma & Louise was released in theaters. That the woman have barely aged in those 23 years is just amazing. Either these ladies are glamorous vampires or they bath in the blood of virgins or something but whatever their beauty secret is, I want in. I love these side-by-side selfies so much. Keep ‘em coming, ladies.


  • Krissy

    I was really young when this came out, so I didn’t quite get it. As an adult I saw it again, and wow….It is a very powerful statement about the helplessness women feel about sexual assault. I am kind of shocked it got made, because it was so focused on women’s issues, but I am glad it was.

    • JCZ

      I know right it’s a very important film. We studied it in our film studies course which was terrific cause these topics were discussed after we watched it. And what a great film it remains

  • OG Emily

    I was JUST thinking about Geena Davis and how she must come back into our lives! She’s been missed. These two can do no wrong.

  • kat:)

    This is amazing