Watch: Here Is A Clip From Lady Gaga’s Ill-Advised Music Video That Glorifies Sexual Assault


Last winter, Lady Gaga had a hit on her hands with her single Do What U Want (Featuring R. Kelly) and as such, she decided to make a music video for the song. For various reasons, the video never got released in full … most likely because the finished video appears to glorify sexual assault, stars a man with a storied sexual assault history (R. Kelly) and was directed by a man notorious for sexual assault (Terry Richardson). I’m GUESSING here that someone probably informed Gaga that this mixture of sexual assault things might not make for a music video that would be well-received by the public. BUT, TMZ managed to get their hands on a clip of the video that shows us what we’ve been missing so … check it out above and see the terribly ill-advised video that Lady Gaga rightly decided to scrap altogether.

  • nicole

    even without the sexual assult issues attached…its good it got scrapped. it looks cheap and horrible(which is what you get with TR). i dont know what she was thinking when she filmed this…how could she think was a good idea in any way?

    and they can say its because of the things to do with Terry & Kelly, but she was still hanging around Terry after the acusations started coming out and was tweeting about how much she loved Kelly’s music not that long ago.

    i do think she missed a chance to do something a lot better with the Christina Aguilera version though..

    • @nicole — “i do think she missed a chance to do something a lot better with the Christina Aguilera version though” SOOOO agree

  • Jake

    Okay, so here is my thing. Different reports have said that she didn’t know about the rumors for either of them, but how do you spend enough time to record, promote and shoot a video for a song and not hear anyone bring up the rumors about R. Kelly. She has an even closer relationship with Terry and hasn’t heard anything? Either she is the most oblivious pop star out there to not know before this was filmed or just didn’t care.

    This whole thing is just kind of tacky.

    • Lauren xx

      She doesn’t care and relies on the fact that a majority of her fan base hangs on her every word like it’s gospel.

      Remember when she flat out denied that Born This Way was even the least bit influenced by Express Yourself?

  • Sam

    That wasn’t sexy in the least. Good thing it got scrapped!

  • Iris B

    Right. Humping the floor the way she did was the least sexiest thing ever. BLAH.