First Look: Robin Thicke Releases The Cover Art & Tracklisting For His New Album ‘Paula’


Last week we learned that desperado singer Robin Thicke decided to name his new album Paula in an obvious attempt to try and woo back his estranged wife Paula Patton. Today we not only get our first look at the cover art for Robin’s Paula but we also get to see the tracklisting of songs that are featured on the album. Thankfully, Paula Patton is not featured on the cover of this album … but the list of songs included make it very clear that Thicke is pulling out all the stops in his attempt to try and get back into his estranged wife’s good graces. Gooooood luck with that, bud.

As we reported last week, at first impression Robin Thicke’s upcoming album “Paula” seems very much like a public apology to his estranged wife, Paula Patton. If performing the lead single “Get Her Back” at the Billboard Music Awards wasn’t enough of a tip off, too, now we have all those suspicions confirmed with Thicke’s new album artwork and track list. Thicke’s not keeping anything to himself with song titles like “You’re My Fantasy” and “Too Little Too Late”. Thicke was on the Steve Harvey’s morning radio show recently, and told the host he wrote the album in about a week. “[Paula] being an intricate part of my life the last twenty years, I had a lot to talk about,” he said. “I gotta impress her somehow” … “Paula” will be released on July 1.

“Paula” Track list:

1. “You’re My Fantasy”
2. “Get Her Back”
3. “Still Madly Crazy”
4. “Lock the Door”
5. “Whatever I Want”
6. “Living in New York City”
7. “Love Can Grow Back”
8. “Black Tar Cloud”
9. “Too Little Too Late”
10. “Tippy Toes”
11. “Something Bad”
12. “The Opposite of Me”
13. “Time of Your Life”
14. “Forever Love”

So he wrote the album in about a week in an attempt to impress his wife. HMMM. Personally, if I were going to craft an entire album to impress someone, I’d likely want to put more effort into the project … maybe take my time and ensure that the music I was using for my wooing is actually good. It sounds like Robin is rushing out this album — named after his wife, full of songs about his wife — in order to try and get his wife back quickly. I don’t think this sounds like a great plan but … I wish him all the luck in the world. Actually, you know what? No, I don’t. IF the cheating allegations against Robin Thicke are true, then I do not wish him any luck in getting back his wife. I’m curious to see how well this album will sell, to be honest. I am entirely fascinated by this whole gimmick. I mean, aren’t you?


  • ella

    I think I see a restraining order in his future

    • Shannon

      ella, LMAO!!!

      I cannot stand this dude right now.

  • joanna

    I’m cringing FOR him. This is just pathetic. Paula stripped down to pretty much nothing for a photo shoot recently to show him what he could have had had things gone differently. She’s not too interested in getting him back so I think that after this album drops he should drop the subject as well.

  • Alecia

    I think Paula’s silence makes his desperation even worse. No statement, no cryptic Beyonce still Instagram shade, nothing. I mean at this point he could get Jodeci and Keith Sweat to beg for him and she’d still laugh him away. At least this celebrity trainwreck doesn’t involve crime,drugs, or copyrights. So as long as he’s willing to do this mess, I say let’s all get the popcorn popping on this.

  • OG Emily

    “See guys? I’m not a skeevy pervert cheater, I’m a hopelessly devoted romantic! Look how heartbroken and sensitive I am!”
    Ugh, this stunting is pathetic.

    • Krissy

      I agree. It is so much about convicing the female former fans of his that he is a romantic guy. It is so obvious and tacky.

  • Sam

    This reeks of desperation. If a dude did this for me, I’d be informing myself on how to get a restraining order, stat!