Here Is Your First Look At The 250 New Emojis


Yesterday we learned the HAPPY NEWS that a set of 250 NEW emojis will be released sometime next month and today we get our first look at what those emojis will look like. As you may recall, I posted the text list of the new emojis but today we get to check out what they will actually look like. I believe that the emojis that are featured below will be cutened up a bit once they make it to the Apple iOS but this first look at the new emojis gives us a better sense of what we can expect when the Unicode 7.0 is updated next month. Have a look.

You can see the pdf that shows all 250 new emojis HERE. Honestly, the emojis look a bit bland and flat in this pdf but I’m telling you, they will look adorable once the make it to the Apple iOS. I. Can’t. Wait. Which of these new emojis are your new faves? Which new one do you think you’ll be using most?


  • kat:)

    I was REALLY hoping for a butterfly….

  • Lexie

    Just wanted a taco emoji!! I guess the middle finger will be pretty useful! ;)