This Is What The Cast Of ‘Blossom’ Looks Like Now


Next month, the HUB Network will begin re-airing classic episodes of the 90’s TV series Blossom and to promote the show’s return to television the cast of Blossom reunited this week for a mini-reunion. Photos of stars Mayim Bialik, Joey Lawrence, Jenna von Oy and Michael Stoyanov made their way to Twitter, giving us our FIRST look at what the cast of Blossom looks like today. I have to say, all of the actors look very much the same … just a bit more mature (tho Joey has less hair and Michael has more hair). Click below and say hello to the cast of Blossom as they look today.

Blossom reunion w/former co-stars, courtesy of @HubTVNetwork! @missmayim @joeylawrence @MikeStoyanov #blossomreunion / #blossomreunion thanks to @HubTVNetwork in effect!

To be completely honest, I was never a huge fan of Blossom. I’m sure I watched the show for a while but I can’t say that it was every one of my faves. That being said, I kinda love that the show is coming back to TV in re-runs and this look at the reunited cast kinda makes me want to watch the show again. Any Blossom fans out there? Are you excited for the return of the show? Duh, of course you are ;)

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