Azealia Banks & T.I. Are In A Pretty Nasty Twitter Feud Right Now

... It must be Tuesday

It’s been about 15 minutes since Azealia Banks got into a Twitter beef with someone or other so she was due to get into another feud for some time now. This time around Azealia had something nasty to say about T.I.‘s wife Tiny and, unsurprisingly, T.I. had something a lot nastier to say back … which set off Azealia on an unhinged rant on Twitter that has blown the whole entire incident out of proportion. It’s a matter of she said/he said/she said back and, well, the whole thing would be entertaining if it weren’t so disappointing and sad.

This week, it’s T.I., who appeared in Banks’s crosshairs after his protégé, the Iggy Azalea, ended up on the XXL Freshman cover in 2012. (Yes, this is beef from 2012.) But with Iggy at the top of the charts, Banks might be feeling a bit more of the sting, because she’s lashing out at T.I. and his wife, Tiny. Most recently, after T.I. released a new song featuring Azalea, called “No Mediocre,” Banks quickly tweeted in response, “U want no mediocre but … Have you seen your wife?” Then T.I. posted some very unkind things on Instagram.

To which Azealia responded:

this grown ass man with kids went and cropped his favorite part of the atlantis video and really threatened to put hands on me LOL / niggas really do be hella pussy. u went to jail a million times for guns and drugs and are gonna turn around and threaten some girl. / yea i shouldn’t of said it, BUT SO WHAT, IT WAS FUNNY, really had to take it to threats? / This is not a good look for you black man, it really isn’t. / you’ve already been to jail for drugs and guns, your wife can’t read… can you be more of a statistic? / I BET HE WON’T DO SHIT. But sit and simmer, and watch the rest of the atlantis video. / T.I be voguing to atlantis. / he be like YAAAAS BITCH YAAAS / ok ok ok ok. its over.

And this is just a sample of things that Azealia has been tweeting since this beef erupted. Yes, T.I. took things too far with his initial response but Azealia Banks is so good at pushing people’s buttons that I tend to believe that she lives for these feuds so that people have something about her to talk about. I sincerely doubt we will ever get an album from her, despite her years of promising one, so for her to stay relevant, she needs to do these silly Twitter feuds to get people to talk about her. It would be nice if Banks actually put out new music to do the talking for her but … alas, it doesn’t seem to be in the cards.

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  1. Azealia Banks needs to have a seat. She has some talent but it’s hard to even remember that with all of her disrespectful, attention-seeking ridiculousness. I’d really be okay with never hearing anything from her again.

    And maybe I’m not taking this seriously enough but…. when TI said “I will end you”, isn’t it a little dramatic of Azealia and that other twitter user to act like he was threatening to kill her? In the context of a twitter feud between rappers, I just assumed he meant he would end her career, like 50 did to Ja Rule (and Ja was a lot more established in the industry at that time than Azealia is now IMO)

    • “And maybe I’m not taking this seriously enough but…. when TI said “I will end you”, isn’t it a little dramatic of Azealia and that other twitter user to act like he was threatening to kill her? In the context of a twitter feud between rappers, I just assumed he meant he would end her career,”

      Maybe, but then he also said, “people fall down stairs daily.” If he didn’t mean physical harm or death, not sure why he would say that part.

    • @fab4runner — “Maybe, but then he also said, ‘people fall down stairs daily.’” Maybe T.I. is just a fan of the movie ‘Showgirls’?

    • Patrick

      well if Ti comes from the Cheetah there aint nothing classy there ;)

    • Whoops, missed that part.

      Okay, TI shouldn’t have said that (even though I think he’s not serious, it’s still not ok). But Azealia still needs to have a seat and stop attacking women. If she has a problem with TI and can’t come up with a better plan of attack than calling his wife ugly, she doesn’t have the creativity and cleverness that it takes to be a good rapper.

      Of course, TI didn’t exactly do better. SMH at the whole damn feud.

    • @Trent – Loooooooooooool! Amazing.

      @Ella – I agree. He shouldn’t have said what he did, and she should not have said what she did about his wife.

  2. Patrick

    meanwhile Iggy Azalea is watching from distance eating a bowl of popcorn

    • Iggy just became more comfortable sitting amongst other chart-toppers, giggling with her booty-twin, J.Lo.

      It IS disrespectful that TI had to say those things and resort to hollow threats, yet…sighssss at Azealia’s for allowing her energy to divert everywhere else but her music.
      Blah. Both should refrain from commenting anymore.

  3. Nathan

    I absolutely love when grown people stoop down to Twitter/Facebook fight lowness. I mean, c’mon, seriously?!

  4. Jake

    Has she even released her own CD yet, or just threatening? I mean c’mon now… These twitter beefs are just a way to distract from what’s really happening…

  5. i didnt sit a read through everything…all i know is this chick HATES when other females are doing better than her. every time she starts something with someone, its because they chose someone over her. it’s pretty damn sad that the only way she can get noticed is to start something on twitter.
    stop being bitter and move on sweetheart.

  6. Sam

    She had so much potential when she first came on the scene. “What you gon’ do when I appear, when I premiere?”

    I dunno Azealia…we’re still waiting on that ish…

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