Kevin Federline Celebrated Father’s Day With All 6 Of His Children


Back in April we learned that Kevin Federline became a father for the 6th time when his 3rd daughter Peyton Marie was born. Yesterday, K-Fed celebrated his first Father’s Day with baby Peyton … as well as his other 5 children. Kevin posed for a group photo with his children Kori Madison & Kaleb Michael (borne of Shar Jackson), Sean Preston & Jayden James (borne of Britney Spears) and Jordan Kay and Peyton Marie (borne of Victoria Prince) … which he shared on his official Instagram profile. Dina Lohan may think that Father’s Day is all about her but I’d make the argument that K-Fed is the one who actually OWNS Father’s Day.

Happy Dads Day from the Federbunch haha!! Wishing all Fathers out there a blessed and wonderful day.. #fathersday #thisiswhatdadsaremadeof / I would not be the man I am today without your guidance. I’m always stuntin like my daddy. I love you pop and thank you.. #fathersday

Oh man … so many kids. I’ve been saying it for some time now, K-Fed has really turned out to be a decent father … which is good because he’s got a lot of kids. Federline has been looking really good lately, likely due to the new diet food program that he’s the spokesmodel for. It was also nice of K-Fed to shout out his dad Michael. Clearly, Father’s Day this year was a very special one for the Federline family. Who knows, maybe K-Fed and fam will be celebrating Father’s Day next year with baby #7? Considering how fertile K-Fed appears to be, I wouldn’t at all be surprised.

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  • Jstar

    Don’t hate me. He looks good…

  • Lauri

    It seems like he’s really gotten his shiz together and is there for his kids (ALL of them). Good on him for growing up.

    • @Lauri — I agree. He’s got a lot of kids but at least he seems to be doing right by all of them. I can respect that.

  • shannon from MN

    Even though he’s a walking advertisement for vasectomies, he does seem like he’s a good dad to all of his children.

  • nicole

    i think the problem with Kevin back int he that he got wrapped up in the hollywood life. but he doesnt have that with his new wife, theres probably some sense of normalcy & personal growth. – which would definitely help when it comes to him being the best dad he can be.