Lana Del Rey Wishes She Was Dead


Lana Del Rey, who really isn’t at all interested in feminism so don’t talk to her about it, sat down for a new interview with The Guardian to promote the release of her new album Ultraviolence and she revealed to the interviewer that she wishes she was dead. Those of you familiar with LDR’s music know that she tends to be a bit dramatic with her lyrics but from what I recall, she never seemed to convey the message that she has a death wish. BUT, that’s the tale she’s sellin’ in this new interview so … take it for what it’s worth. Click below for excerpts from Lana Del Rey’s gothiest interview ever.

“I wish I was dead already,” Lana Del Rey says, catching me off guard. She has been talking about the heroes she and her boyfriend share – Amy Winehouse and Kurt Cobain among them – when I point out that what links them is death and ask if she sees an early death as glamorous. “I don’t know. Ummm, yeah.” And then the death wish.

Don’t say that, I say instinctively.

“But I do.”

You don’t!

“I do! I don’t want to have to keep doing this. But I am.”

Do what? Make music?

“Everything. That’s just how I feel. If it wasn’t that way, then I wouldn’t say it. I would be scared if I knew [death] was coming, but …”

LOL. Oh, Lana. Believe me, I like her music but her whole “tortured artist” thing is a bit much, especially now when she tells a publication that she wishes she was dead when we all know for a FACT that she does not wish she was dead. I’m not sure what she is trying to convey by saying something like this. It doesn’t make her seem dark and mysterious to say she wishes she was dead, it just makes her sound silly. Death is coming for all of us so all she has to do is wait long enough and she will get her pretend wish. In the meantime, she needs to just enjoy the fact that she lives a very charmed life where she gets to make an incredible living doing what she loves to do. Like, seriously.


  • Marie Montemayor

    Oh dear. Just… oh dear.

  • ECK

    Um, yeah. Like, seriously. Bye, Felicia.

  • Iris B

    *insert a Kanye West meme where he just blinks at the subject as if they’re freaking moronic as hell.*

    • Iris B

      Sorry, I shouldn’t say moronic. However, I am judging her.

  • FoxRox

    Go help those left fortunate than you.

    • FoxRox

      *less fortunate* – sorry!

  • TheFabFour

    “I do! I don’t want to have to keep doing this. But I am.”
    Lana del Ray, the modern-day martyr.

  • Lynne

    How do we know for a fact that she doesn’t wish this? It makes her sound more sad than silly. I don’t understand the hype over her.

    • @Lynne — I mean, yeah she could mean it but … I don’t understand talking about how you want to be dead in an interview where you’re promoting your new album. She says “I don’t want to do this” and yet, she’s doing it (ie. making, releasing and promoting new music). It’s hard to take what she says seriously sometimes.

    • JD

      >>she lives a very charmed life where she gets to make an incredible living doing what she loves to do.

  • supergirl

    I have tried to like her and her music but I just cannot. Everything about her comes across as forced and fake to me.

  • Mela

    Truly irresponsible. Last week’s YATNB discussion should have happened after this. If she’s serious she needs to get help right now, if she’s playing up the dark card, then she’s just being a dick because there are way too many people out there who need help in a real way for her to be down-playing suicidal thoughts.

  • Krissy

    She is so faux-morose it is absurd. She is a walking SNL sketch or a character from Daria.

    I have never liked her shtick, it is just so tiresome. She must be getting desperate for attention in order to go this low.

  • fabby75

    Could somebody please use these statements to put her on a psychiatric hold? That way, if on the off chance she is serious, she gets help. Or, in the more likely scenario where she is a fraud, she would either have to fess up to get the hold removed or suck it up to keep appearances and learn what it means to live through those feelings.

  • Brent

    Was this interview with Lana Del Rey…or Debbie Downer?