Robin Thicke Has Named His New Album ‘Paula’ In A Further Attempt To Win Back His Estranged Wife


As you may recall, Paula Patton and Robin Thicke split up in the wake of allegations that he was unfaithful to the couple’s wedding vows. Since that time, Robin has been doing everything he can to try and woo back his estranged wife both in private and in public. Today we learn that Robin’s previous attempts at reconciliation have been unsuccessful so Robin is going to try again … by naming his upcoming new album Paula after his estranged wife. Lorde, the guy just won’t give up, will he?

Just how far will Robin Thicke go to win back Paula Patton? The “Blurred Lines” crooner is proving that his love has no limit by naming his upcoming album after his estranged wife. Paula will be the title of Thicke’s seventh album, has exclusively learned. The follow-up to last year’s chart-topper Blurred Lines was written and produced entirely by Thicke and is set to arrive on July 1 via Star Trak/Interscope Records. He debuted the first single, “Get Her Back,” at the Billboard Music Awards last month. The heartfelt tribute was written about Patton, his wife of nine years and the mother of his son Julian. The high school sweethearts announced their split in February. Thicke has been trying for months to mend their relationship, even dedicating “Lost Without U” to Patton at his recent shows. On June 29, the singer will perform some of his new material at the 2014 BET Awards in L.A.

Normally, I’d be impressed with this level of commitment to trying to repair a relationship but Robin just seems to be doing all of these things very wrongly. I don’t think that public declarations at awards shows and album titles are the way to convince a woman that you are sorry for cheating on her (allegedly). Thicke has, for years, called into question his wedding vows to Paula with his questionable behavior with other women — and that’s just the stuff that we the public have witnessed. My guess is that the stuff we don’t know about is much worse, which is why Paula appears completely uninterested in taking him back … which is, apparently, why Robin keeps on trying to get her back. Mess. Clearly, Robin Thicke will do whatever he thinks he needs to do in order to win back his wife. I guess we’ll have to see if his efforts will continue to fall on deaf ears. As for the title of Robin’s new album? What do you think?


  • Marthy

    He used to be kinda hot, the sleazy kind, but still.. No he is just pathetic.. and the haircut! Don’t get me started :P He should really use his energy to win her back the regular way, not in the public eye..

    • @Marthy — “He should really use his energy to win her back the regular way, not in the public eye” YES, exactly!!

    • Monica

      Totally disagree with you with the hot part. He was always odd looking to me and look to much like his father but everything else I’m 100% with. It’s just a sad desperate attempt that I’m not sure really about his ex wife and more about the pity he wants

  • Mela

    Desperado…why don’t you come to your senses?

  • Alecia

    I don’t know which is worse- trying to stretch the inevitable shelf life as a one hit wonder by using a shaky marriage or trying to pretend this will be a good album. Make it stop.

  • ella

    If I were her, a stupid publicity stunt like this would just piss me off more.

  • Krissy

    I feel like this really isn’t about Paula, even though her name is all over it. I feel like it is more about his overall reputation as a sleezebag. I think he is trying to use “romantic” gestures as a way to prove to female CONSUMERS that he is worthy of their fantasy.

    For a minute there, he was considered hot and sexy by the female public and they were buying his music. Now that he has been sleezy with Miley, poking randoms at after parties, accused of sexist lyrics, etc. the shine has worn off.

    I think this is his attempt to counter that repuation.

    • Mela

      I dunno…I don’t have a hard time believing that he’s this desperate to get her back…I mean…it’s Paula Patton. She’s redonculously beautiful. On the other hand, I 100% agree that there’s a business decision involved. You’re right. If he loses his female audience he loses his career.

  • nicole

    well he sure is persistent…