First Look: This Is What North West Wore To KimYe’s Wedding Last Month


A few weeks ago, Kanye West and his now wife got married in a lavish, over-the-top wedding ceremony in Florence, Italy and, as you may recall, we got to see the official wedding photos not long after the couple said their I Dos. Missing from that batch of photos was any glimpse of the couple’s baby daughter North West, who we were told wore Givenchy Haute Couture … just like her mother. Today, at long last, E! has released new photos from the wedding, one of which shows us the adorable (-ly expensive) little dress that North West wore on her parents’ special day. Click below to see North West in haute couture, won’t you?

You didn’t think you had seen it all when it came to Kim Kardashian’s wedding, did you? We’ve seen the fabulous Givenchy Haute Couture gown, we’ve seen Kim and Kanye West indulging in their first kiss as husband and wife, we’ve seen the his-and-hers leather jackets. We even got to see what it looks like when a groom surprises his bride by arranging for international superstar Andrea Bocelli to serenade her during their ceremony. But that was just the top of the six-tier cake. E! News has exclusively obtained more never-before-seen photos from Kim and Kanye’s lavish nuptials in Florence, Italy, including the first shot of the married couple posing with daughter North West, taken on the roof of the historic Forte di Belvedere after the ceremony … The image provides … a full-length look at the pint-size Givenchy dress created for North!

Here is a photo of Kanye chillin’ with pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. on that fateful day:

And in [another] image there’s Kanye before go-time having a quiet, sunlit moment with pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr., who performed the ceremony. As per tradition, the groom had not seen his bride-to-be since the night before and had taken separate private jets from Paris to Florence, a culturally resonant destination very near and dear to their hearts, that morning.

I know it’s probably wrong to be jealous of a baby but how many of y’all are seriously jealous that North West is wearing a dress that probably cost more than most home mortgages? This little doll is a little princess already. The dress is adorbs, she is adorbs … and that stank face? I LOVE! North will turn 1 year old this Sunday — on Father’s Day! I have a feeling the little miss can look forward to wearing more haute couture fashions in her future. Insane!


  • LiQue

    the best is the heart over the woman’s face

  • Shannon

    “It’s not too late, my son”– LMAOOoooo!

  • CdnJess

    LOL @ the heart placement! Does this kid every smile or look happy?

    • @CdnJess — “Does this kid every smile or look happy?” Consider her parents, then ask your question again ;)

  • Ashley

    They look like such a happy family…..

  • nicole

    hmmm maybe North pee’d on Kanye again?
    but the real shock here is…North is going to be 1 already?! holy crap..