A New Batch Of ‘Jurassic World’ Photos Have Been Released


Back in April we got to check out a few promo photos from the set of Jurassic World, the sequel to Jurassic Park that is currently in production. Today we get to see a few more promo photos from the film, set to open in theaters in June of next year. Thus far, we’ve yet to see hide nor hair (or scales, actually) of any dinosaurs but the photos below do a fairly good job of teasing one of the most anticipated new movies of 2015. Have a look.

The fourth film in the beloved Jurassic Park franchise has been in some form of development for more than a decade, but now it’s finally happening—a year from now, anyway. Today marks the beginning of a 365-day countdown for Jurassic World, which will star Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard as people who encounter dinosaurs, many of them scary. Universal Pictures was nice enough to offer us—and by proxy, you—the first look at some photos from the movie.

Yeah, these photos would be aided GREATLY by the inclusion of a dinosaur or two but … soon, hopefully soon.


  • MyLovelyBeatles

    Chris Pratt is looking good!

  • iloveromy

    1) Yes. Chris Pratt is the hotness. 2) This definitely looks like a Jurassic Park movie. No worries on this so far.

  • nicole

    it’ll probably be a while before we get a good look at the dinos.