Photos Of Rihanna Playing Auntie Are Her Most Shocking Photos Of All


Rihanna has made a very successful career out of surprising people with shocking photos. As you may recall, she last week wore a completely sheer dress to the CFDA Fashion Awards and stole the show that night … and was the talk of the Internets for the days following. But today, we get to see a batch of photos that are so shocking, they just may be her most shocking photos of all. Rihanna spent her weekend in the company of her family who is celebrating the birth of a baby girl. Rihanna has been sharing adorably nurturing photos with her newborn niece on Twitter and as you can see in the gallery presented here, it’s a really good look for her. Rihanna has been playing auntie to her newborn niece and her nephew (who just graduated elementary school) which, you know, is a side of her that we never get to see. Check out the photos and try not to fall too much in lurve with Auntie Ri Ri.

  • ella

    It’s not shocking at all that a woman who delights in her sexuality can also be a loving and caring aunt/friend/sister/daughter etc :)