Sinéad O’Connor Is Showing Off A Bold New Look These Days


When last we heard from Sinead O’Connor she was involved in a very public open letter feud with Miley Cyrus late last year. Since that time, Sinéad has been out of the spotlight quietly giving herself a complete make-over. With the announcement of her upcoming new album I’m Not Bossy, I’m The Boss, Sinéad is showing off her look. As you can see below, Sinéad’s new look looks an awful lot like British pop star Jessie J’s old look. Bald no longer, Sinéad O’Connor is now a raven-haired songstress. Check it out.

The usually bald-headed Irish singer is looking very different on the cover art for her new album “I’m Not Bossy, I’m the Boss,” set to come out in August. Tight leather, a black wig with bangs — wow, what a makeover! O’Connor, 47, looks better than ever. The “Nothing Compares 2 U” singer explained her new album on her blog and noted its relation to the Ban Bossy campaign. “Originally I had a different title, ‘The Vishnu Room,’ but a few months back when I saw the phrase ‘I’m not bossy, I’m the boss’ and became aware of the Ban Bossy campaign, I wished I could re-name the album, since indeed it can be tricky being a female boss and I think Sheryl’s campaign is a terribly important one,” she wrote. She added, “At the stage I became aware of the Ban Bossy campaign it was too late to change the album title because the sleeve was already in print. But last week when the record company received the promo shots, which included the cover shot you now see, they asked could they change the planned cover to the current one, and that allowed me the opportunity of changing the title.” She also wrote that with the change, she’s now a “very happy girl.”

I love Sinéad’s music so much. She is such an incredibly talented singer. Her public antics, tho, are a lot to deal with. Her open letter feud with Miley last year blew up into something bigger than it really needed to be. I honestly believe that Sinéad was trying to do the right thing and it blew up in her face. Hopefully, she’s used the last few months to refocus her attention on her music — and nothing else. I can’t say I’m all that crazy about this new look of hers but it’s deffo a big enough change to garner a lot of attention. She looks so much like Jessie J, tho, that I had a hard time believing this is really Sinéad O’Conner when I first saw this photo. We’ll have to wait and hear if her new music is enough to get people’s attention but thus far, Sinéad has once again got people paying attention to her. What do you think of her new look? Do you like?


  • Brenna Fender

    Based on the other recent photos I’ve seen of her, I think this is photoshopped like nobody’s business. But she looks great!

  • Ben@PR

    She’s putting Mariah’s photoshop game in shame.

  • Holy crap… is this even the same person??