Lindsay Lohan Is Reportedly Lookin’ To Move To London (But She Can’t Afford It)


Lindsay Lohan has been spending some time in London, England lately and it would appear that she has fallen in love with the city. According to a new report, she is “desperately” trying to figure out a way to live there … but she apparently cannot afford to move there. Those of you who watched Lohan’s docu-series Lindsay on OWN this spring saw how difficult it was for her to secure an apartment in NYC. If you consider how little she works these days, yeah, I can see how she might be “lacking the funds” to afford a move to London.

Lindsay Lohan is reportedly begging friends to lend her their London properties. The 27-year-old actress relocated from Los Angeles to New York City after she completed her stint in court-ordered rehab last year. It seems she could be on the move yet again though, as she apparently wants to set up home in the UK capital. “Lindsay’s been telling everyone she wants to rent in London, but she’s lacking the funds,” an insider told British magazine Heat. “She’s asking friends if they have flats here that she can use. But, so far, all are saying no.” The star has spent a lot of time in London over the years, mostly recently jetting over to make an appearance on a UK talk show. While she was in the country, she was also spotted out at a charity event and attended a performance by Rita Ora at the G-A-Y nightspot. It’s not the first time a move to London for Lindsay has been mooted. In January, she was said to be planning to relocate so she could enjoy more privacy.

LOL! Yeah, I find it very hard to believe that Lindsay is in search of “more privacy”. BUT, I digress …

“Lindsay loves London nightlife and has been out almost every night since she’s been here,” an insider told British newspaper The Sunday Mirror at the time. “She feels like she can stay under the radar a bit more here than in LA, and can go out more freely. Lindsay has said she’d love to live in [upmarket area] Notting Hill.” Earlier this month she was said to be house-hunting after deciding a move across the pond could boost her career. “Lindsay prefers the way people in London treat her,” an insider claimed to British newspaper The Daily Mail. “Here she is a big star as opposed to a trashy party girl, which is how people in the US see her. She also knows that she could make more money here from personal appearances. She’s more in demand in London than she is in the US.”

Erm, I’m not sure how much I believe that Lindsay is “in demand” in London but more power to her. If she can scrape together the money to move across the pond, I wish her all the luck in the world. I do fear what Lindsay’s move to London might do for UK/US relations but … I’d be willing to risk heightened tensions between our countries if it would get Lindsay Lohan off our hands :D Sorry, Brits :D


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    movie to london? :P

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    oh trent, you’re so hilarious!! LOLOLOL!!

  • sandyra

    Oh, come on! Lohan is a loser and still thinks she has some sort of clout in the U.K. When will the UK figure it out that the woman hasn’t a clue about living but knows how to use the media to get as much free stuff as possible?