How Much Did You (SPOILER ALERT!) Cry During The ‘Mad Men’ Mid-Season Finale?


Everyone. I am feelin’ all the feels right now. Last night I thought I was ready for the Mad Men mid-season finale. But I was wrong. I was not ready on at least 7 different levels. As I mentioned in the comment round-up I had a serious long Sunday and was either going to watch the show or fall asleep. Def fell asleep. And def just watched it. And def need to discuss. Click inside for more! And YES, THERE ARE HELLA SPOILERS!

If you watch the show, I have to urge you to read my Paste editor’s reviews. OMG, they are delicious. One of you once read a Scandal recap before watching the episode and I remember laughing so hard when I read the comment. I thought, “Who does that?!” But I totally do that with Bonnie’s reviews. She’s brilliant.

So this is not an official recap or review, just a WTF just happened to me kinda thing.

Number One. Sally Friggen Draper.


I’d just written this list about her general awesomeness and she goes and blows everyone away in this episode. The hair, the smoking, the fact that she chose the nerd over those ABS. I mean, over the nerd’s hot, jock brother. ((Get it together Shannon.))

Number Two. Peggy’s Little Boy.


OMG, all of the feels, all of the feels! Dammit, Peggy! Go get your kid! Ugh. I love how they brought in this tenant of hers to complicate her storyline as a “mom.” When she was pitching Burger Chef (and having her “Carousel” moment), and brought up the 10 year-old boy waiting for her at home, I couldn’t take it. Ughhhh.

She don’t care about me. (Julio)

Yes she does. That’s why she’s leaving. (Peggy)

Number Three. Cooper’s Last Dance.


UGH. Though no Mad Men death will probably ever hit me like Lane Pryce’s, this was intense. And I know everyone was weirded out by that “best things in life are free” number but I loved it. My jaw was just hanging on the floor, and before I knew it, the episode was over. Now I’m supposed to do what, exactly, until 2015?

Your thoughts?

And Megan and Don are DUNZO?! I’m not surprised and I’d actually gotten over her this season. I know people didn’t like her character back in the day, but I was into her. Now? Meh. Can’t help but get excited about Don moving on.

Quote It!

I’m starting to think of him as an old boyfriend. Someone a teenaged anthropologist would marry.

You’re just a bully and a drunk. A football player in a suit.

That is a very sensitive piece of horse flesh. He shouldn’t be rattled!

I’m tired of him costing me money!

Every time an old man starts talking about Napoleon, you know he’s gonna die.



  • Jamie7622

    So many emotions- Peggy and Julio, Peggy crushing it with her Burger Chef presentation, I could go on and on…the moon landing scenes gave me chills! I teach US history to high school freshmen and sophomores and that scene would be perfection to try to get the significance of that moment across to kids. Oh, and Roger. I always love when he’s in a scene- great one liners! And seriously, what are we supposed to do until 2015!?

    • Shannon

      Jamie7622, I loooved the way they shot those moon landing scenes. I really felt in the moment with them and I think it’d make a great teaching tool. It was the first time that I felt like I understood the significance of it.

    • fab4runner

      Totally agree on the moon landing! I read The Astronaut Wives Club recently (book is so-so), and it turned into a several weeks long binge of reading and learning about the early days of the space program. I was eagerly awaiting the day the moon landing would be shown on Mad Men, and it did not disappoint.

  • Kiki

    Instead of Roger selling the company I would have liked Peggy and Don starting their own agency. Somehow I just want Peggy to step into Don’s shoes when he finally retires and we see that story come full circle.

    • Jamie7622

      I had hoped that’s where they were going as well!! They’d make one heck of a team..

  • fab4runner

    Hahaha, that was me who read your recap before watching the episode. And I have done it a few more times since!

    As for Mad Men…gah! I really enjoyed this half season, but it was too short and now I am sad it’s over. I hate waiting an entire year for more.

    Sally has been great this season. I think she has been my favorite as far as growth over the series. I am excited to see where she ends up. (And same with my girl Betty.)

    Megan and Don confused me this season. I generally love the storytelling on Mad Men, but I thought theirs was all over the place this year. She was mad when she found out he wasn’t working, and had actively decided to not be in CA with her. Then magically, she wasn’t mad and they were having a threesome. Things seemed back to normal, and then in the finale, they are magically done again. I’ve always been so-so with her, but good riddance, IMO. As I have been saying for three years, I want the old Don back immediately!!!!!

    Peggy…sigh. I was with you on her presentation. Loved it. I am glad she and Don made up. I have missed them.

    Loved Bert’s exit. Sad to see him go, but I thought the musical number was great.

    Super happy that Jim Cutler got bitch slapped in the end. He was pissing me off trying to get rid of Don.

    • Shannon

      fab4runner, some weird stuff was def happening with Megan and Don but I felt very early on that they were DUNZO. When he went out there in the first episode and her agent referred to him as The Husband or something? LMAO. I was like, “Yeah, it’s over.”

      Jim Cutler was ruthless! Some other people mentioned that Joan became kind of a bad guy too, which I liked.

  • Lauren xx

    I didn’t cry when Bert died. I was very sad, but it wasn’t at all tragic like Lane Pryce (I did cry when Lane died. It’s still SO sad to me.) I felt like Bert knew he was ready to go. His company was changing, he felt that Jim would push SC&P forward and that would force Roger to be the leader he could be. The fact that he died after seeing the moon landing really made me feel that Bert saw and did all he wanted to do.

    Selling to McCann was a twist I didn’t see coming, that Don would be saved by the company he tried to escape. I’m just glad that it knocked Jim Cutler down a few pegs. If we get rid of Lou Avery I will be THRILLED. I hate that man. He’s always been petty and jealous of Don even after getting his job, team, office and control over him.

    I’m sad about Don and Megan. I always liked her and I hoped they would actually work out. Don didn’t deserve Megan. However, I’m still waiting for the moment when Matthew Weiner totally Sharon-Tates Megan. (She died in August 1969, the moon landing was in July, it HAS to be coming.) Don got his life back together, it’s time for something else to send him in a spiral.