James Franco Shares Another Shirtless Selfie On Instagram


Earlier this month James Franco caused a bit of a stir when he posted a almost totally nekkid selfie on Instagram just a few weeks after he got caught trying to pick-up a 17-year old girl on his official Instagram profile. Last night, Franco posted a newer almost nekkid selfie as a way of promoting his upcoming movie project The Adderall Diaries. This time, tho, James got cold feet and deleted the photo from his Instagram … but not before it was screencaptured. Click below to see this new selfie and check out the photo that he replaced it with after he deleted the original photo.

SELFIEMADNESS The adderall diaries.

As you may know, James loves sharing selfie photos so stuff like this is pretty much par for the course. But, for whatever reason, Franco decided to delete the selfie above and replace it with the selfie below:

Too many selfies. Even for me.

I bet James will get bored with all the teasing and will, eventually, show us the whole enchilada in a future selfie pic. It’s coming … I can feel it.

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