Watch: Robin Thicke Proves He’s Sorry For Whatever He Did To Paula Patton At The 2014 Billboard Awards


I am very curious to hear everyone’s response to this. Robin Thicke and his wife Paula Patton announced that they were getting divorced back in February. And ever since then there’s been talk about how Thicke (who was reportedly cheating and being a d-bag) was doing all sorts of things to get his wife back. Well, he took to the Billboard Music Awards stage last night to perform Get Her Back and I may or may not have been rolling my eyes during the entire thing. And also while writing this entire thing. What do you guys think? Does that jacket (collar popped) and those denim jeans signify a changed man? LOL…

  • rachel

    in the words of my people… OY VEY!

  • LET ME GET THIS STRAIGHT … this was his attempt at getting back the wife he cheated on? By putting his crotch in the faces of other women on live TV? LOL PAULA, RUN! YOU IN DANGER GIRL.

    • Shannon

      Trent, EXACTLY.

    • Etta

      I totally noticed that too! PA-THETIC!!

  • Alecia

    Bye Thickeshia. Go on somewhere.

    • @Alecia — LOL ;)

  • Dezden

    I’d love to know what Paula thought about all of this.

  • Britt

    But the haircut just screams that he changed his ways!!! (eyeroll)

  • Ariel Echeverria

    the girl’s face at 2:51 XD