Lana Del Rey Releases The Cover Artwork For ‘Ultraviolence’


One day after she announced the tracklisting of her new album, Lana Del Rey shares the cover art for her forthcoming new album Ultraviolence. As you might have expected from LDR, the cover art for Ultraviolence is minimalistic and simple. Click below to see the sparse black and white photo that Lana chose for the artwork for her new album.

LDR just posted this cover art on her official Twitter profile a short time ago … without a caption. Clean, simple, borderline boring. Do you like it?


  • Sam

    You nailed it with the “boring” part.

    • Krissy

      I find her to be really predictable and boring. The Once Upon a Dream cover is EXACTLY how you would predict it would be as sung by her. What’s the point of even listening when there are no suprises?