Adele Teases The Title Of Her New Album (Possibly)


Last month we heard that Adele will reportedly be releasing her next album this coming October and yesterday, the singer posted a tweet on her official Twitter profile that seems to confirm that report … and possibly teases the album’s title. Thus far, Adele released albums titled 19 and 21, both named for the year they were recorded. In her tweet last night, Adele bid adieu to age 25 and said that she would be seeing it again “later in the year”. HMMM.

Bye bye 25… See you again later in the year x

I mean, yeah, it deffo sounds like Adele is telling us that the title of her next album will be 25. If she is talking about the release of her next album, it is reasonable to assume that the album will be out in the Fall (like the earlier report maintains) just in time for holiday shopping. I think it’s safe to bet on a new album by Adele titled 25 coming out this Fall, don’t you?


  • Alecia

    Yass! I’m so excited.

  • Mela

    I hope so. I think it’s a really unique way to title her albums and the chronology of it will be really cool to look back on further down the road of her career.