Frank Ocean, Wearing Only His Underwear, Shares A Selfie On Tumblr


Frank Ocean, the self-proclaimed “selfie god”, posted a HAWT photo on his official Tumblr page a few hours ago … and then for some unknown reason decided to take the photo down. THANKFULLY, photos that get posted online never really go away … so I can share with you what you may have missed. In the photo, Frank is taking a mirror selfie and as you can see below, the only thing he was wearing was a pair of boxer briefs underwear. Yup. Have a look.

shout to the selfie god

Thank you sweet baby Jebus for this beauteous bounty. I’m guessing that Frank had second thoughts about the photo (or the caption … or both) after he posted it but I don’t see anything wrong with his decision to share it in the first place. Frank is fit as a mofo and, well, when you got it flaunt it. Wouldn’t it be nice if Frank flaunted it more often? Yes, yes it would. Enjoy.


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    MMMMMMMM!!!!!! So pretty.