‘The Very Best Of Adam Lambert’ Will Be Released In May


Adam Lambert is hard at work on a new album of new material that will hopefully be released sometime soon but today we learn that his former record label is moving forward with the release of a Best Of compilation of Adam’s hits as a way to squeeze more money out of their former artist. The Very Best of Adam Lambert will be released on May 27 and it will feature songs from the two albums he recorded for RCA Records as well as songs that he performed during his days on American Idol … for those of you interested in that sort of thing.

Lambert’s former label home (RCA is a division of Sony) will out a “physical release” of the album, titled “The Very Best of Adam Lambert,” on May 27. The compilation will include three American Idolperformances from when he was on the show, including his covers of “Mad World” by Tears for Fears and “One” by U2. Lambert’s version of Lady Gaga’s “Marry the Night” from his appearance on “Glee” closes out the 14-track CD. Also included on the record: Lambert’s contribution to the 2012 film, 2012, “Time for Miracles.” “If some of these tracks feel like musical mission statements, it’s in their skillful fusion of mainstream pop and rock with left-of-center, if not underground, musician and pop-cultural markers, and their clear conviction towards that mission,” reads the album’s liner notes. “And it that’s not the hallmark of an artist who’s unfailingly true to himself… well, you are invited to listen to some more until you get it.” Lambert walked away from his recording contract with RCA last July after the release of two albums, 2012’s “Trespassing” and 2009’s “For Your Entertainment,” along with several EP’s and a live collection.

Track list for “The Very Best of Adam Lambert”

1. Mad World (American Idol Performance)
2. One (American Idol Performance)
3. Tracks of My Tears (American Idol Performance)
4. Time For Miracles
5. For Your Entertainment
6. Whataya Want From Me
7. If I Had You (Radio Mix)
8. Aftermath
9. Can’t Let You Go
10. Trespassing (Radio Edit)
11. Never Close Our Eyes
12. Better Than I Know Myself
13. Runnin’
14. Marry The Night (Glee Cast Version)

This release is geared towards diehard Glambert fans who must own everything with his name on it and casual fans who may want to own a collection of songs he has released over the years in one convenient package. As for his new music, Lambert is currently working with the amazing producer Max Martin on a new album in Sweden so that is something very exciting for fans to look forward to. I’m not the biggest Adam Lambert fan so I’ll likely take a pass on this Best Of … but I am quite interested in hearing what he’s been working on with Max Martin. I’ll definitely be on the look out for that release.


  • Happy

    Yup! They want to cash in but I am glad they include some awesome sauce songs such as, Runnin, Can’t Let You Go, Marry The Night, etc. Even cover songs like “One” is just amazing!!!