Britney Spears Poses With Superfan Dakota Fanning Backstage In Las Vegas


Our dear Britney Spears resumed her Las Vegas concert residency at the Axis Theater inside the Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino this past weekend after she took off a few weeks to rest and recuperate. Among the folks who made their way to Vegas this weekend to see Britney: Piece of Me was actress Dakota Fanning who not only enjoyed the show from the VIP seats near the stage but also got to snap a photo with Britney backstage before the show. Check out the cute photo below.

Gah, I love this photo so much. Britney looks amazing, I have to say. On Friday night, she wore her blonde wig for the performance that night and then went wigless and red for the Saturday night show (which is a much better look for her, I have to say). I don’t think I knew that Dakota was a big Britney fan but now that we have photographic proof of her fandom, I think I love her even more. Isn’t this a great photo? LOVE!


  • nicole

    I love her hair! These colours she’s had lately have been fantastic.

    • @nicole — Yes, her red color is great. The blonde wig she wore Friday was not :/

  • ClaireMichelle

    TRENT! I just got tickets to see Britney on May 9th!!! I got tickets for the GA/pit. Do you have any tips on how to get good seats in there? (Or am I totally wrong and there are assigned seats)?


    • @ClaireMichelle — AHHH, you’re going to have the best time. The area is all standing room and it is NOT totally packed to uncomfortable capacity. People will line up HOURS before the doors open in order to get in the GA pit and against the stage. I did not do that. Both shows, I showed up about an hour before showtime and still stood 2-3 people from the stage … which is a great distance for photos. I promise, you won’t have a bad vantage point from the pit. ENJOY and let us know what you think of the show!!

    • neener7667

      I was at the show Saturday in the pit! it was awesome! She brought a performer from Chippendales on stage to tie up. Doesn’t get better than Britney and a Chippendale!