Rumor Has It That Two Ladies Have Been Fired From ‘The Real Housewives Of Atlanta’


Last week we saw video of the physical altercation that transpired between Porsha Williams and Kenya Moore during the taping of this season’s reunion special for The Real Housewives of Atlanta (an altercation, as you may recall, that resulted in Porsha’s arrest). Today we are hearing casting rumors that claim that two of the cast members of RHOA have been fired now that show contracts have been sent out. Media TakeOut is reporting that of the 6 cast members of RHOA, 2 of them did NOT get contracts to appear in the upcoming season … which essentially means that they are dunzo. Click below to find out who 2 reportedly got the axe. just got word – that there is about to be a BLOODBATH among the cast of the Atlanta Housewives – with 3 HOUSEWIVES GETTING THE AXE!!! This is not RUMOR either guys . . . this is FACTS!!! According to our Bravo snitch, the producers are looking to “shake up” the cast. While they were generally HAPPY with the ratings this year . . . the producers feel that they want “real drama” among the Housewives, and not manufactured storylines. So they’re looking to bring in NEW WOMEN – who have REAL LIFE DRAMA in their lives. So who is staying – NeNe, Phaedra, and Kandi. The producers feel that NeNe is the FOUNDATION of the show, and they are NOT letting her go. The second most popular cast member is Kandi – she just rubs everyone the right way – and she’s genuinely LIKED by everyone. Phaedra is a lock too – given the LEGAL ISSUES that her family is going to be facing in coming months. So who is OUT – Cynthia and Porsha are OUT. According to our insider, contracts went out early this week, and neither Cynthia NOR Porsha got one. Also OUT is Marlo. The reunion “fight” really got those WHITE FOLKS OVER THERE SHOOK. One insider told that any person that they believe has “the propensity for violence” is out. Now what about Kenya? Well she’s IN. According to a TOP SNITCH, Kenya received her contract this week. So the CONTRACT HOLDING housewives are NeNe, Kandi, Phaedra, and Kenya . . . and the ones getting the AXE are Cynthia and Porsha and sorta housewife MARLO.

Blah. I guess it was expected that Porsha would get cut from the show. Not only was her personal story not very compelling this season but the nasty fight she got into with Kenya probably sealed her fate officially. It sucks that Kenya is staying on because she should be axed too, IMHO, but drama sells and Kenya always brings the drama on this show. I’m actually surprised to learn that Cynthia may be leaving the show. She has always been one of my faves but now that she’s reportedly on the outs with queen bee NeNe Leakes, I guess it’s not all that surprising that she would get cut. The two vacancies in the cast means that two new ladies can be brought on board. I have no doubt that the folks at Bravo will find suitable replacements for Porsha and Cynthia.


  • drmstosrf

    Kenya had the fake storyline, bad acting. I fast forwarded past anything she was in. I think it is sad that Porsha got cut, she brings new light and is the only one I feel that is the most genuine. I will not be watching next season.

    • G. O. Jones

      You may not watch it, but millions of others will. There are those who feel that this will not stop the ratings from improving. Another cast member will be added, and the show will likely see good ratings for a while. Sorry, but it’s the nature of the business. There is simply no excuse for violently attacking another person. NONE! Intelligent people and legal minds understand this. I pray that Porsha finds help soon. As she said herself, ” I am not ready for this.” She was right!

    • Arima

      Since they have chosen to keep that slimy, vicious Moore-on I will not be watching next year either.

  • G. O. Jones

    Kenya brings the drama and that’s the bottom line. Whether you hate her or love her, she keeps the ratings up. RHOA is a business that depends on ratings. It is clear that the law was on Kenya’s side in the Reunion fight although her actions were not admirable. There is a big difference between doing something wrong and doing something illegal. I like Porsha, but her actions were illegal. Obviously, the Atlanta D.A. and Bravo agreed that Kenya is a great investment to the franchise. Porsha, on the other hand, needs to seek counseling. Violence is likely to resurface if she is rehired. She is not worth the risk. I do feel, however, that Cynthia should stay on the show. She provides the balance although she lacks in drama.

  • Carlie

    Sorry, but it’s time for Porsha to go. She is prone to violence at this point and a big liability for Bravo. I may not agree with everything Kenya says and does, but she brings the drama–something Brava expects. She is also a better communicator than the others. Andy and the law supported Kenya because when she’s hot, she’s hot.

  • Marge Williams

    If Kenya is still on Atlanta Housewives I will no longer watch . Whereas I don’t condone violence, Porsha should be staying. Let’s be realistic. Kenya knew exactly what she was doing. I don’t think anyone would allow someone to constantly stick things in there face. Kenya is a old woman compared to Porsha. Why didn’t she stick it in any of the other ladies faces. I liked Cynthia at one time, but for her to sit there and insinuate Kenya did nothing wrong, I’m glad she might be gone. I don’t want to look at Kenya another season, so I will not watch. I think if she does that to another woman her age, someone will be hurt.