Adele Will Reportedly Release Her New Album In October


It’s been 3 years since Adele graced the stage to perform but today we learn that she is planning a big comeback this year with a return to the concert stage and the release of a new album in October! Finally. Because of her throat problems, Adele had to end her very successful promo tour for her very successful album 21 (the follow up to her very successful debut album 19). Now, 3 years later, she is recovered enough to sing again … and put out the new music that she started recording last year. At long last, Adele is ready to make her comeback.

The 25-year-old star has not performed a full-length concert since ­suffering vocal problems in 2011. Now she is considering returning to the stage for the release of her third album, due out in October, and sources say she sees London’s Royal Albert Hall as the perfect venue. The hush-hush show would be one of the hottest tickets in the capital as Oscar-winner Adele is one of the bestselling ­artists of all time. Executives at her record label hope she may follow this with concerts in New York and Los Angeles. “This is the most exciting and promising news fans have had from Adele for ages,” said a source close to the star. “She is considering a comeback gig to promote her new CD. “Her voice has been getting stronger over time and she has been working hard to rehabilitate it. A world tour is still a long way off, certainly a conventional series of shows. “Everything will be on her terms. The key to all these plans is that Adele feels comfortable with her voice. She has vowed that she never wants to break down during a tour or put her voice through so much stress that she suffers problems. Her doctors warned her that stress could also mean more surgery, and she is adamant that she never wants to go through that again.” Adele last performed a full 90-minute set in Glasgow on September 25, 2011. The source, based in Los Angeles, said: “The delicacies of the situation are apparent to everyone from Adele to her management. She is very settled with her family life and being a mum. A lengthy trip around the world with a baby on board could change that.” Adele’s spokesman was not available for comment.

As you may recall, Adele gave birth to her first child in October of 2012 so her life has changed considerably since she left the music scene. I have every confidence that her new role as mother has influenced her new music, which should make for a great album. I know it’s probably felt like an ice age since we’ve heard anything from Adele so it’s nice to get this update. It’s probably a good idea to wait for official confirmation of a new Adele album before we get all excited but this is deffo a great bit of news to pin our hopes on.


  • Iris B

    Yes. Yes. She already will have all my money. Thank God.

  • Alecia