Tori Amos & Daughter Natashya Lórien Share A Selfie On Instagram


As the release date for Tori Amos’s new album Unrepentant Geraldines draws nearer, the promo machine for the album’s release and concert tour is kicking into high gear. Tori is doing a bunch of interviews these days and today in London posed for a photoshoot with her 13-year old daughter Natashya Lórien. Tori shared a CUTE selfie photo on her official Instagram profile a short time ago which you HAVE to see in full because OMG Tash is 13 YEARS OLD NOW!

Tash and I at a photo shoot in London #selfie #toriamos

You should recall that we got to hear a clip of Tori and Tash’s new song Promise, which is featured on Unrepentant Geraldines, last week. Clearly, Tash is getting in on the album promo … which I LOVE SO MUCH. Wow. She’s grown into quite a beautiful young woman … and she looks so much like her father Mark Hawley. Man, it seems like just yesterday when we heard that Tori was pregnant … now she’s the mother of a 13 year old teenager. Tori also shared a second photo from today’s photoshoot:

Here’s another picture from the Photo & TV shoot we are doing in London. #toriamos #unrepentantgeraldines

This is all very exciting for Tori fans like myself. I’m actually squealing as I type these words, haha. Tori Amos will be hitting the road very soon to tour the world and I cannot WAIT to see her when she comes to the US this Summer. Hopefully, Tash will be at some of the shows to perform with Tori on stage. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

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  • lish renee

    Never been huge about being online, but my sister and I enjoy that you, Tori, have been posting so many pics, it makes you more real, lol.