What Was Lorde Doing At A Wedding Chapel In Las Vegas?


Singer/songwriter Lorde, who is featured on the cover of the May issue of Teen Vogue magazine, posted a series of curious photos on her official Instagram profile last night. Lorde is in Las Vegas right now and last night posted 3 photos that were taken at A Little Wedding Chapel … the place where many folks (Britney Spears included) enjoyed impromptu wedding ceremonies over the years. In one of the photos, Lorde is seen wearing what looks like a black tuxedo. HMMM.

TRUE ROMANCE / bridesmaids!!!

I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that Lorde did NOT get married last night. It’s unclear if Lorde was involved in or bore witness to a wedding but it does seem possible, at least inferring from these photos. In the photo where she is wearing the black tux, the caption reads “bridesmaids” … so maybe she stood up for a friend who got married last night? Maybe the girl next to her in the white dress holding a bouquet? Whatever went down last night, it looks like Lorde had herself some fun. Haha.

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  • Jennifer Ridgway Novellano

    I got married there! lol

    • @Jennifer Ridgway Novellano — LEGENDARY!