Tina Fey & Ellen DeGeneres Are Rumored For David Letterman’s Replacement On ‘The Late Show’


Thursday afternoon, late night talk show host David Letterman announced that he will be retiring from The Late Show sometime next year and immediately folks began to speculate as to who might be selected as his replacement when he steps down from the show in 2015. The first name that started to make the rounds was Stephen Colbert (who, as an employee of the parent company that owns The Late Show, is an obvious possibility) but I was hoping that a woman would be selected for the job. Today we learn that both Tina Fey and Ellen DeGeneres are rumored o be among the folks being seriously considered for the Late Show hosting gig … which I have to say is VERY good news.

It’s not too “Late” to hire a lady! Ellen DeGeneres and Tina Fey are high on the list to take over “The Late Show” when David Letterman retires next year, sources told The News. Bringing either one into the late night wars, “would be a masterstroke,” said a source close to the situation. “There’s no reason that late night television should be limited to men,” the source added … CBS and DeGeneres have quietly spoken about stepping into “The Late Show” when Letterman retired, a source said. A rep for DeGeneres declined to comment. Fey has not spoken to the network, her rep said, but CBS sources claim the “30 Rock” star is among those “topping the list.” Another major contender emerged on Friday: Comedy Central star Stephen Colbert, whose deal with the cable network is believed to expire later this year, sources said.
One source said Colbert has spoken to CBS about the gig. Conan O’Brien, who hosted “Late Night” on NBC after Letterman left — and briefly helmed “The Tonight Show” in 2010 — has also talked to CBS, a knowledgable insider said.

No offense to Stephen Colbert and Conan O’Brien but I really want to see a woman get the job. Late night talk shows are dominated by men and has been for far too long. Personally, I like Ellen on daytime but I would really love to see someone like Tina Fey or Amy Poehler get the Late Show gig. I can’t even imagine the craziness that is going on behind the scenes right now as CBS scrambles to find THE perfect person to replace the irreplaceable David Letterman. I’m gonna keep my fingers crossed for Tina.


  • Liz

    The tonight show moved to NY coz of Jimmy Fallon. If Ellen is hosting The Late show, does it mean it is moving to LA?

  • schmee

    I can’t imagine Ellen would switch, her show is a goldmine and has basically no competition. Tina Fey would be a good option, but she would be going up against Fallon and all sorts of former coworkers at NBC. Maybe Wanda Sykes? Her show died but it wasn’t really given a chance or support

  • Alecia

    I want a woman as well, Trent. Late night needs a fresh perspective. I love Tina and Amy and I’d think they’d both do well. Considering Amy still has a show, I think Tina would be a better fit and she’s already in NYC.

  • Nathan

    Whether or not Ellen is being considered, I highly doubt she’d ever accept. Her show is extremely successful and it is her namesake. She is the creator and an executive producer and likely has the most power. She will never go to another show.

  • Nathan

    I love both Tina Fey and Amy Poehler and think they’d be great hosts. For some reason, I don’t think either of them would host a talk show though.

  • Shiny

    Any of these ladies would be AMAZING!

  • Lisa

    I wonder if Tina could leave acting though? Or is there time to do movies and a late night show? She seems to be on a roll with films lately.

  • Lauren xx

    Late nite TV isn’t solely men – what about Chelsea Lately? When I watch late nite, I watch her.

    That being said, I’d stop watching Chelsea Handler if Tina Fey got it.