The Sequel To ‘Magic Mike’ Will Be Titled ‘Magic Mike XXL’


Have you been anxiously awaiting news of the much-anticipated sequel to Magic Mike. Well, do I have great news for YOU. The Playlist is reporting today that a director and a title has been selected for the male stripper sequel and BOY is the sequel title a doozy. The Magic Mike sequel won’t be called Magic Mike 2 … that would be too small. Instead, the sequel will be titled Magic Mike XXL because the movie will be BIGGER than the original film and not because they title is meant to be a play on male stripper penis size. Brilliant, right?

Hot on the heels of Joe Manganiello’s informal announcement that the sequel to Steven Soderbergh’s “Magic Mike” will shoot this fall, new details about the stripper dramedy have emerged. “I think they’re going to announce it soon,” the actor said. And he’s right. While potential helmers to take over the directing chair for the sequel included star and original co-writer Channing Tatum and co-writer/producer Reid Carolin, sources close to the camp tell The Playlist that a filmmaker has been found: Greg Jacobs. And that the title of the sequel will be “Magic Mike XXL.” Look for an “official announcement” soon, but the team behind the movie has decided on their man. With Soderbergh remaining as an executive producer on the project, Jacobs’ name comes as little surprise—he’s been the director’s right hand man and creative partner for decades … Most of the original stripper cast for “Magic Mike” are expected to return for the sequel, but no deals are in place and it’s possible some characters are being written out of part two.

Wait, what? This is the first that I’m hearing of the possibility that some of the original characters might be written out of the sequel! Channing and Joe will be back, of course, but I’d also really like to see Matt Bomer come back for another go. Now that Matthew McConaughey is an Academy Award winner, I guess it’s feasible that he may not return but I have a feeling that he will. If they do bring on new characters, I sincerely hope they keep the level of male hotness up to the standard of which we’ve grown accustomed. Do you have any suggestions for new guys to add to the cast? Ryan Gosling, anyone? Magic Mike XXL is on the way! Who’s excited?!


  • Monica

    Umm….i think Mark Wahlberg should join the cast….or Hugh Jackman….or Kellan Lutz…. yum….

    • Monica

      Or Jeremy Renner…..or Charlie Hunnam….the possibilities are endless……

  • Ara

    I would like to see less acting and more dancing :)

  • Ara

    That GIF just impregnated me :D oh and hopefully they replace the actress with me or you know someone who smiles. Who am I kidding no one cares about the actress in the movie they really don’t even need women in the film..