The Museum Of Awkward Family Photos


Last night the California Heritage Museum hosted the opening of an exhibit featuring a collection of Awkward Family Photos which have been featured on the hugely popular website of the same name. As I may have mentioned before here on the blog, my good friend Adriana submitted one of her childhood photos to the site many years ago and it remains one of the most popular photos on the site. Adriana was in attendance at last night’s exhibit opening and she happily posed alongside her photo on display. She was also interviewed by a news station about her inclusion in the world of Awkward Family Photos. Click below to see photos of Adriana at the California Heritage Museum last night and learn more about the Awkward Family Photos exhibit which will be on display until July.

Childhood friends Mike Bender and Doug Chernack began a blog in May, 2009 after Mike saw an awkward vacation photo hung in his parent’s house. Realizing that there were probably plenty of other people out there with their own awkward family images, the two friends decided to create a friendly place where everyone could come together and share their uncomfortable family moments.

Thus, Awkward Family Photos was born. The authors/guest curators started by posting a few of their own childhood photos and those provided by friends, and the site quickly took off and became an internet sensation; it now receives millions of hits and submissions from around the world.

The “Awkward Family Photo” exhibition, at the California Heritage Museum, opens on March 28, and will continue through July 27, 2014. It invites you to celebrate those less than picture-perfect moments in an exhibition that explores ten family themes: The Family Portrait; Siblings; Vacation; The Kids; The Holidays; Weddings; Dad; Mom; The Grandparents; Birthdays; and The Family Pet.

As far as a perfect definition of awkwardness, it may not exist. Everyone can look at a picture and take away something different about what makes it awkward, but at long as the viewer feels some level of discomfort, there is awkwardness.

Ultimately, this show is about more than just photos and stories. It’s about celebrating the family experience and shining a light on all of those deliciously awkward moments that come with the price of family membership.

Awkward Family Photos
March 28, 2014—July 27, 2014

Adriana’s Little Dancer photo is hilarious … and it is pretty representative of her childhood, I’m afraid. She loves this photo and she loves that so many other people love the photo as well. I really wish I could’ve attended last night’s opening event but because I had committed to seeing For the Record: Tarantino instead, I had to miss out. Thankfully this exhibit is running until late July so I have plenty of time to see it in person myself. I have never been prouder of Adriana in all my life. I guess that says a lot about our relationship :) If you’re in the LA area, I urge you to check out this exhibit. You know you want to see this awkwardness up close and uncomfortably personal, right?


  • rachel

    PLEASE encourage them to bring it up to Portland! I would love to see it up close and uncomfortably personal!! PDX is the perfect place for this kind of lovely weirdness.

  • Allison

    I hope she posts some to her Instagram.

  • Adriana

    What about the time I saved that baby kitten from drowning in the fire? You were pretty proud of me, then.

  • Jayne

    I live in Australia and my daughters’s friends gave her a birthday card last night and it had Adriana’s photo on it with the words “Get Jazzy on your birthday” on the front. My daugter’s name is Jazz so it was perfect!! I love it. Jayne