Authorities Say They May Have Found Wreckage From Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370


On Monday it was reported that Courtney Love believed that she found debris from missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (which at that time had been missing for 9 days) but today, authorities have revealed that they may have actually found wreckage from the missing plane in the Indian Ocean. At this point, the search team from Australia maintains that they found something on satellite footage but have yet to determine what they have found. The airplane and its passengers have been missing for almost 2 weeks now with no sign anywhere of any wreckage so this new discovery is the first sign of hope that the missing plane may have been found.

A day that began with high hopes ended with uncertainty late Thursday in Australia as darkness put an end to the search for two objects captured on satellite and described as possible debris from missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. Aircraft from Australia, New Zealand and the United States, along with a Norwegian merchant ship, will resume the search Friday, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority said. Hindered by poor weather in a wild, remote area of the southern Indian Ocean, neither the surveillance planes nor the massive Norwegian cargo ship managed to spot the debris photographed Sunday by a commercial satellite. Even before suspending the search for the day, authorities cautioned the objects could be something other than plane wreckage, such as shipping containers that fell off a passing vessel. But they said they represent the best lead so far in the search for the missing airliner, which vanished 13 days ago with 239 passengers and crew aboard. “At least there is a credible lead,” Malaysia’s interim Transportation Secretary Hishammuddin Hussein told reporters. “That gives us hope. As long as there’s hope, we will continue.”

Satellites captured images of the objects about 14 miles (23 kilometers) from each other and about 1,500 miles (2,400 kilometers) southwest of Australia’s west coast. The area is a remote, rarely traveled expanse of ocean far from commercial shipping lanes. The commercial satellite images, taken Sunday, show two indistinct objects of “reasonable size,” with the largest about 24 meters (79 feet) across, said John Young, general manager of emergency response for the Australian maritime agency. They appear to be “awash with water and bobbing up and down,” Young said. The objects could be from the plane, but they could be also something else — like a shipping container — caught in swirling currents known for creating garbage patches in the open ocean, he said. “It is probably the best lead we have right now,” Young said. “But we need to get there, find them, see them, assess them to know whether it’s really meaningful or not.” It took four days for the images to reach the authority “due to the volume of imagery being searched, and the detailed process of analysis that followed,” the agency said in a prepared statement … Until searchers make a confirmed find of debris from the aircraft, the search and rescue operation will continue throughout the search zone, Hishammuddin said. Even as the focus shifted to the southern Indian Ocean, Hishammuddin said Malaysia was sending two aircraft to search Kazakhstan in central Asia. That’s one of the locations along a northern corridor described as a possible location for the aircraft based on satellite pings sent by the plane after air traffic controllers lost contact with it in the early hours of March 8.

Wow. Well, at least they found something to focus on after 13 days of absolutely nothing. It’s really remarkable that in this day and age of modern technology, where any and everything is monitored around the world, a huge airplane can just disappear off the face of the Earth. It would be a miracle if the plane was found intact somewhere but it’s more likely that the plane crashed into the ocean somewhere. This debris find is significant but the case is far from closed. For the sake of everyone involved, I hope we get real answers soon as to what really happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.


  • David

    Everybody is jumping to ahead of themselves especially the news. This maybe a cargo container that fell off a ship. Without knowing for sure if it is indeed a piece of the plane I’m hesitating to say anymore. Its kind of irresponsible of the news to think this it. Its over and auto pilot is what has happened when they still found NOTHING yet. Its still a picture and everyone is ahead of themselves. Imagine how one of the families would feel if this was another dissapointment. Trending lightly is not the news strong point