Solange Shares An Epically Embarrassing Destiny’s Child Photo For Throwback Thursday


For Throwback Thursday on Twitter yesterday, Beyoncé‘s little sister shared a photo of Bey’s former group Destiny’s Child which was snapped way back in 2000 (which is 14 years ago, if you can believe it). As you can see below, the photo is amazing in its hilarity of horrid fashion and styling. I mean, there are so many things wrong with this photo, it’s impossible to count them all. The ladies of Destiny’s ChildBeyoncé, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams — look like disco refugees from the 70s. Solange? Well, she looks pretty terrible in her own right. Check out the photo below and see the horrendousness for yourselves.

Speaking of which, why didn’t no body put the baby oil on MY abs? Oh the year 2000.

Whaaaa? Did we really dress like this back in 2000? YES. I mean, I may not have worn this kind of thing but I seem to recall owning a pair of phat pants around the time that this photo was taken. Solange lookin’ like one of Austin Powers’s girlfriends, I love it! I also love her for not only sharing this photo with the world but for not cutting anyone out of the photo (like her sister Beyoncé is wont to do from time to time). Shoutout to Lil’ Bow Wow for randomly being in the photo. This throwback is the perfect portrait of life back in 2000. Amazing, right?


  • nicole

    LOL i love everything about this. the hair, the tiny bow wow is. its perfect.

  • Shannon

    PERFECTION. All I saw was abs for the first 3 minutes of staring. Nice work… bitches.