The CW Releases A Full Costume Photo Of The Flash


A couple of weeks ago we got our first look at Grant Gustin in costume as The Flash as he will appear in his new superhero series on The CW this Fall but, as you may recall, that first look only showed us his head. Today we get a real first look at this new incarnation of The Flash courtesy of the just-released full costume image released by The CW. Click below to see the newest superhero to come to life on the small screen when The Flash debuts on The CW this Fall.

Because this promo image is kind of dark you really can’t see the detail unless you see the full size image. Click the photo above to see the image much larger so that you can better see the details of the costume. Yesterday we got to see behind the scenes set photos courtesy of Gustin and his co-stars … today, we get to see this new promo image. Filming of the pilot episode hasn’t even been completed yet and we’re already getting all kinds of Flash goodies. I’m really curious to see video footage but I think we’ll have to wait some time before that will be released. What do you think of The Flash’s costume? Do you like?


  • nicole

    im glad they toned down the red and went for a darker shade. lord knows if they went with a bright red, it would have looked hella cheesy.

  • Virgojay

    I’m so glad it’s not a weird all leather suit like the helmet hinted at. I’m totally on board now. Bring it!

  • myzenart

    I like it! Ironic, though, since in real life, Grant Gustin smokes so much he couldn’t run up a short flight of stairs without coughing up blood. The wonders of special effects!