Crosley Will Release A Supercute Peanuts Record Player For Record Store Day 2014


Each year, vinyl record fans can look forward to the release of limited or special edition record releases when Record Store Day comes around each April. This year, vinyl record fans can look forward to the release of something more than just this year’s batch of limited or special edition record releases … this year, a special edition record player will be released on Record Store Day as well. Crosley has announced that they will be releasing the cutest portable record turntable that you’ve ever seen … that is, since these sorts of small record turntables were all the rage in the 70s/80s. Click below to see the special edition Peanuts-themed turntable that will be available for sale at participating record stores on Record Store Day 2014.

Coming for ‪#‎RSD14‬ on April 19, from Record Store Day and Crosley Radio. Available at participating indie record stores. For your kids, or the kid you still might be.

If you read the comments on the Record Store Day Facebook post HERE, you’ll see that a lot of “vinylphiles” have a lot of negative things to say about Crosley turntables. I have a Crosley turntable and I love it. I don’t know about the critics who say that Crosley’s “destroy records” but I do know that I’m very happy with my turntable and have been for the past couple of years. I really love this Peanuts turntable. It reminds me of the turntable that my neighbor Monica Anderson had when we were kids. We would listen to records in her room while we played together. For nostalgic purposes, I am really interested in picking up one of these little numbers. If you are compiling your Record Story Day shopping list and you’re in the market for a fun little record player, then this might be something to consider ;)


  • Grace

    This is adorable!

  • Lauren

    Trent, you MUST do an apartment tour one of these days.I’m so curious how you store/display of your various collector items, action figures, concert paraphenalia, etc. I’m sure other PITNBers would love it too!

    • @Lauren — Hahaha. I’d have to get this place cleaned up first … so maybe in about 8 years ;) I’ll see what I can do :)

    • MJ

      Ha, yes! For some reason, I picture Trent’s apartment looking a bit like the Wonka Factory of Pop Culture.

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