Watch: Lady Gaga Performs ‘ARTPOP’ On ‘The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon’


Earlier today we saw video of Jimmy Fallon and his Barbershop Quartet The Ragland Gals putting their spin on R. Kelly’s Ignition (Remix). Right now we get to see video of Lady Gaga performing the title track from her current album ARTPOP. The song hasn’t been released as an official single, nor has it been referred to as a “single”, but clearly it’s the song that Gaga wanted to perform on the second night of Fallon’s tenure as host of The Tonight Show. I’m not the biggest Gaga fan but I do like it when she performs on her piano. Are you feeling this performance? Are you feeling the ARTPOP overall?

  • Lori

    yikes. it was boring. and she comes off as trying way too hard to be taken seriously these days. i used to enjoy her music, i still do. her previous records. but artpop hasnt excited me one bit. hopefully her next album is better!